The 10 Most Disliked Anime Characters From The Most Beloved Anime Series

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There are countless anime series out there of all kinds, from varying genres to differing art styles. The overall anime community has a rough consensus on what some of the most popular and beloved series are, based on the size of their fandoms and the influence these series have. These series are home to some of anime’s most popular characters of all time.

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Interestingly enough, these beloved anime series are also home to some of anime’s most disliked characters, who are often bullies, villains, or simply obnoxious troublemakers who have too few redeeming qualities to balance things out. Even if they come from the biggest titles in anime, it’s safe to say that these disliked characters have very few, if any, fans.

10 Sakura Haruno United The Fandom Against Her (Naruto)

Sakura grimaces in academy classroom

Plenty of disliked anime characters still have their merits, and it’s not unthinkable to genuinely appreciate or root for these characters sometimes. All the same, Sakura Haruno of Team 7 seems to have far more detractors than supporters, and there are some solid reasons for why this is.

Sakura’s bratty and insecure behavior made her a far less endearing version of Naruto himself, and in the eyes of some fans, her desperate one-sided crush on Sasuke was downright pathetic at the time. She also tended to act like a bigshot but had limited combat strength and too few moments of glory.

9 Shou Tucker Committed Heinous Crimes For Science (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

In fiction and real life alike, science itself is nothing but a tool – it depends on the scientist and the way said scientist conducts experiments or the fields of research they pursue that determine good vs evil. Science can save lives, but it can also maim and torture a life beyond recognition.

Shou Tucker was a state alchemist with a talent for experimenting on living things, and this twisted alchemist turned his wife into a chimera to obtain his license. Later, out of desperation, he combined his daughter, Nina, and his dog into a single twisted being that longed for death. No one could forgive him.

8 Gabi Braun Is A Zealot Who Shot Fan-Favorite Sasha (Attack On Titan)

Gabi Braun is almost like a second Eren Yeager, but while Eren blurs the line between hero and villain, Attack on Titan fans simply hate Gabi, period. Her goals are even less sympathetic than Eren’s, and she longs to fight her fellow Eldian “devils” to appease the Marley Empire.

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That’s not all. Gabi is obnoxious and gets carried away, and she acts like the child she is. Most of all, it was Gabi who shot and killed the beloved Sasha Braus in cold blood, instantly turning the entire fandom against her. Now everyone wants to tear her apart.

7 Ren Sohma Is Unbelievably Self-Centered (Fruits Basket)

Ren Sohma Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket stands as one of the most beloved shojo anime series of all time, starring the charming and sweet Tohru Sohma and her colorful friends. Even tsunderes like Kyo Sohma are easy to like, and the bratty Kagura Sohma is more likable than not. Then there’s Ren Sohma.

Ren Sohma is a hopelessly vain and selfish mother who actually resented her own daughter, Akito, since Akito was hogging the spotlight. No loving mother would be jealous of her own child’s attention like that, and Ren has zero positive attributes to balance this out. Akito’s habit of verbal abuse came directly from her ice-cold mother.

6 Akainu Sakazuki Is A Thug Claiming To Uphold Justice (One Piece)

Akainu from One Piece

The expansive world of One Piece has many bizarre, twisted, and petty characters who are easy to dislike, from Wapol to Arlong, but, arguably, the series’ most hated character is the lava-slinging admiral Akainu. He is cruelly hypocritical about justice, the law, and violence, to say the least.

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No one likes a hypocrite, and Akainu is one of anime’s biggest hypocrites of all, adhering to his brutal and rigid version of justice to justify his actions. Also, he is directly responsible for Fire Fist Ace’s demise, which almost makes him the Gabi Braun of One Piece.

5 Zenitsu Agatsuma Won’t Shut Up (Demon Slayer)

Scared Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer

Unlike some truly unforgivable characters like Shou Tucker or Ren Sohma, Zenitsu Agatsuma the demon slayer actually does have his good points, and it’s not wrong to like him as a character. Some fans do like him just fine, but plenty of others don’t.

Zenitsu is already infamous for his constant, ear-splitting shouting and whining, and his cowardly streak makes him repulsive to many Demon Slayer fans. He also has too few sympathetic goals or interests to balance all this out. He’ll hopefully be redeemed soon.

4 Damian Left His Charmander To Die (Pokemon)

Damian from Pokemon

The vast world of Pokemon is home to plenty of characters for fans to like or dislike, and while Ash Ketchum gets plenty of flak as a trainer, he’s a saint compared to the likes of the minor character Damian. Some trainers have a firm hand when training their Pokemon, but there’s simply no excuse for Damian.

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Damian owned a Charmander and left it outside in intense rain, which threatened to extinguish the Charmander’s tail flame and thus kill it. Damian didn’t care at all, and he actually seemed to find it funny. Ash saved Charmander’s life and adopted it, and when Charmander had a moment of glory, Damian tried to claim credit for training it.

3 J. Geil Is A Twisted Monster (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is home to plenty of lovable anime characters such as Joseph Joestar or Okuyasu Nijimura, but it’s also him to many despicable and creepy villains who have no redeeming qualities of any kind. That includes J. Geil, a villain from the Stardust Crusaders story arc.

J. Geil committed unspeakable acts to Polnareff’s sister and killed her, prompting Polnareff to seek revenge. J. Geil is also a brutish and bloodthirsty Stand user who would gladly claim another victim given the chance, and he had no positive traits of any kind.

2 Nnoitora Gilga Betrays People For Petty Revenge (Bleach)

nnoitora bleach

The ever-popular Bleach series boasts many of the anime fandom’s favorite characters, such as the sly ninja Yoruichi Shihoin and Rukia Kuchiki, but this series also contains some truly unlikable characters. While Kon is annoying and Marechiyo Omaeda has a big mouth, the Espada Nnoitora Gilga is even worse.

Nnoitora hated Nelliel simply because of her sex, and conspired to have her taken down, sabotaging the Espadas just to satisfy his petty grudge. He even got away with it and tormented Ichigo half to death later on. His rampage ended when he fought and lost to Captain Kenpachi Zaraki.

1 Minoru Mineta Is Shockingly Regressive (My Hero Academia)

Mineta is winking at another character out of frame, and showing a thumbs up.

The student hero Minoru Mineta embodies many of the most unflattering and awkward anime tropes and clichés of decades past, when mega-pervs regularly harassed and demeaned the girls and women around them. Anime has gotten much better about that recently, but Minoru is an exception.

Minoru is a decent student on paper and in combat, but his personality holds him back, and he established himself as the series’ most disliked character. He shamelessly ogles at girls, makes lewd comments, peeks at girls undressing, and even gropes them every now and then. He’s got no excuse.

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