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AbraxasDecember 21, 2021

So despite the last episode seemingly making a big deal over the fact that the characters’ first summer break was coming to a close, I’m surprised that most of this episode took place outside of school. One of the skits is even similar to the one from an earlier episode where Najimi peer pressures Komi to go get them an eccentric food item. It’s admittedly a little redundant, even though the framing device is a bit different considering that the whole interaction is being viewed by a new character that idolizes Komi for being a “city girl”…whatever that means. However, this just made the skit feel less endearing and not as funny as the last time it was attempted. Maybe Najimi figured that Komi’s power level has risen since the last time this was attempted, and I like how the skit ends with them being genuinely apologetic for once again pushing her through the emotional wringer. But that’s just it – instead of being entertained, I just feel bad for Komi throughout this entire skit. And while the new girl’s gimmick is kind of cute and charming, the fact that she never realizes that her weird idolization of Komi is completely misguided felt like the show was regressing a little bit.

Thankfully, the rest of this episode is filled with more genuine moments of Komi doing her best, from working her first part-time job to hoping that Tadano would refer to her by her first name without realizing the more intimate implications of it at first. I love the fact that these things are hard for someone with her disposition, and how this episode highlights a bit more of her enthusiasm to actually try and accomplish them. She’s not scared of these things from jump; it’s just a process that she needs to go through in order to reach the finish line. Finally, my favorite skit has to be the one that I wasn’t expecting regarding Nakanaka inviting Komi over just to hang out. It’s awkward, adorable and incredibly relatable to someone who went through that exact phase in high school. Even if Komi is interested in the same things as everybody else, the fact that she looks at everything with this curious gleam in her eyes is adorable and heartwarming. Another episode where despite a hiccup here and there, I still walk away smiling.


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