10 Strongest One Piece Characters Who Still Can’t Beat Goku

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Only a handful of anime franchises can say that they have maintained a global presence for more than two decades, and One Piece is one of them. The series is filled with pirates, and many of them possess the power of a Paramecia, Logia, or Zoan-type Devil Fruit. Many of them can also use one or more forms of Haki. Every named One Piece character is strong in their own way, but some are far stronger than others.

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The Dragon Ball franchise has been around for over twenty years as well, and it has introduced fans to a number of heroes over that time, but Goku has proved time and time again that he is the series’ greatest hero. Goku has always been absurdly strong, but he is now capable of fighting Gods and other celestial beings, which means that he can still beat many of One Piece’s strongest characters.

10 Sanji’s Kicks Wouldn’t Be Able To Hurt Goku

Sanji On Whole Cake Island

Under normal circumstances, a cook would not be that impressive, but Sanji has accomplished a lot of things in his life, and he is slowly becoming one of One Piece’s strongest pirates. Sanji was born into the infamous Vinsmoke family, and like his siblings, he was genetically modified. He lacked desirable physical traits, and he had emotions, which is why he was considered to be a failure.

Luckily, Sanji was able to prove his family wrong, and he can now use Observation and Armament Haki pretty well. Sanji is known for using his feet in battle, but even his Haki-empowered kicks wouldn’t be able to hurt Goku. His fiery Diable Jambe attacks cannot burn the Saiyan either.

9 Goku Can Just Shatter Zoro’s Swords

Zoro Fighting In Wano

Zoro has also accomplished quite a bit since his introduction, and he is now well on his way to becoming the world’s greatest swordsman. He created the Three Swords Style, and he can now use all three forms of Haki.

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He currently wields Wado Ichimonji, Enma, and Sandai Kitetsu, which are considered to be three of the finest blades in the world, and their strength and cutting power are all amplified by his Haki. As skilled as Zoro is though, he would never be able to cut Goku’s body, in fact, Goku could shatter each sword like it was made of glass.

8 Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit Wouldn’t Work On Goku

Boa, One Piece

Certain aspects of the Seven Warlords did not make sense, but at least the World Government focused on giving the title to strong pirates like Boa Hancock. She was the only female Warlord, and she is capable of using every form of Haki.

She also possesses the Love-Love Fruit, which allows her to turn anyone who lusts after her into stone. Goku may be a married man, but he has never lusted over anyone really, in fact, he would probably be oblivious to Hancock’s beauty, which means that her Devil Fruit would be useless. In terms of a physical fight, even her Haki-infused attacks would not harm Goku.

7 Even Akainu Cannot Survive A Kamehameha

Akainu from One Piece

As the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines, Akainu is one of the strongest characters in the series, and he possesses the power of a dangerous Logia Devil Fruit. The Magma-Magma Fruit allows Akainu to create, manipulate, and transform into magma at will.

All Logia fruits give their users intangibility, which means that most attacks simply pass through Akainu’s body. Goku cannot use Armament Haki so his punches would have no effect, but his Ki blasts are a different story. Goku’s Kamehameha is strong enough to blow up the moon, so it should be able to vaporize Akainu’s magma body.

6 Goku Would Be Able To Snap All Of Doflamingo’s Strings

Donquixote Doflamingo Makes His Entrance In One Piece

Doflamingo was once a Warlord, and he managed to turn string into a deadly weapon. The String-String Fruit allows him to create and control string, and he can use it to travel through the air and turn people into puppets.

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His strings are incredibly thin and sharp, and they can be used to bind people and cut through flesh. Doflamingo managed to awaken his Devil Fruit, and it gives him the ability to turn non-living things like buildings into string. Even with Armament Haki, Doflamingo’s string wouldn’t be able to cut Goku, and if he tries to restrain him, Goku can snap the string with his godly strength.

5 Goku Can Still Overcome Katakuri’s Mochi & Observation Haki

Katakuri Vs, Luffy

A number of One Piece fights lived up to the hype, including the battle between Luffy and Katakuri. He is Big Mom’s third child, and he grew up to become the strongest of her Sweet Commanders. The Mochi-Mochi Fruit allows him to create, control, and transform into mochi.

Katakuri can use every form of Haki, but it’s his Observation Haki that truly makes him special. He has mastered Observation Haki to the point that he can see slightly into the future, but Goku moves faster than the human eye can see. This means that Katakuri wouldn’t be able to react in time to stop many of Goku’s attacks.

4 Big Mom May Be Strong, But Goku’s Stronger

Big Mom from One Piece

As one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom is considered to be one of the strongest pirates in the series, and she is a massive human who possesses incredible durability. She is proficient in all forms of Haki, and the Soul-Soul Fruit gives her the ability to manipulate souls.

If given the chance, Big Mom can remove portions of a person’s soul and lifespan. Big Mom may be able to take out someone like Krillin, but she is nowhere near strong enough to beat Goku, especially since his Ultra Instinct form allows him to spar with actual Gods.

3 The Dark-Dark Fruit Leaves Blackbeard Vulnerable To Goku’s Physical Attacks

Blackbeard Two Fruits

So far, Blackbeard is the only person who possesses two Devil Fruits, and they happen to be two of the strongest in existence. The Tremor-Tremor Fruit gives him the ability to create quakes through any medium, and it has the potential to destroy the world.

The Dark-Dark Fruit essentially gives him the power of a black hole, and it would allow him to absorb Ki attacks like Goku’s Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb. The Tremor-Tremor Fruit might be able to injure Goku, but the Dark-Dark Fruit is a Logia that does not offer intangibility, which means that Goku can still hit Blackbeard with the power of Ultra Instinct.

2 Luffy’s Rubber Skin Would Not Offer Him Much Help

Luffy Finishing Up His Training

Luffy may be the main character, but that does not mean that his life is perfect. Luffy ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, which gives his body the properties of rubber. The ability to stretch doesn’t sound all that powerful, but Luffy has managed to do amazing things with it.

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His Armament Haki is especially strong, and he has recently unlocked an advanced form of Conqueror’s Haki which allows him to significantly increase the strength of his attacks. Luffy can hit really hard and really fast, but that won’t matter to Goku since Ultra Instinct would allow him to dodge all of Luffy’s attacks as if they were moving in slow motion.

1 Kaido’s Durability Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against Goku’s Strength

Kaido from One Piece

There are aspects of Kaido that do not make sense, but no one can deny the fact that he is one of the strongest pirates in the series. Kaido ate a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into a massive azure dragon, and he can also enter a special hybrid form.

Kaido is massive, and his body is so durable that only a handful of people have ever been able to wound him. What makes him so strong and durable is his advanced Conqueror’s Haki, but Goku will likely be able to beat him in one or two attacks. Goku can literally destroy the Earth if he wants to, so Kaido doesn’t stand a chance against him.

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