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AbraxasDecember 20, 2021

What a perfect final episode for a story that is only just beginning. It wraps up all the major plot points and character threads in a way that echoes the themes and emotional core of the story, while showing a clear direction for where Rudeus’s tale is headed next. This was ultimately a story about how Rudeus found the resolve to step out of his room. The story of his found family.

The episode wastes no time in establishing cinematic parallels between Rudeus’s unwillingness to leave his tent and his shut-in existence from his past life. I like how there’s a clear contrast between the different worlds, with the real-world scenes featuring thinner lines and “cleaner”-looking compositing. Although I’ve always thought that the imagery of him being strapped naked to a gate like a Jesus figure is a bit over-the-top, the fact that the dialogue never actually dwells on it makes it all work in context. In his bed, forlorn and alone, Rudeus simply closes his eyes… and recalls.

What’s especially touching about this episode is that, beyond the initial scenes of bullying from Rudeus’s previous life, every other character who appears in this episode regards Rudeus with kindness, including his parents from his previous life. Even more significantly, they believe him to be capable of pulling himself together. They don’t just value him for his fighting skills and magic—they respect his inner strength as well. This is made most obvious with the lines from Eris and Roxy, the two most significant people in Rudeus’s life so far. Although Rudeus does not know it yet, they see in him what they feel they lack in themselves.

The concept of found family is also a running theme of the episode. The Displacement separated Rudeus from the family that birthed and raised him in his new fantasy world, but he only truly comes to acknowledge them as family through the act of finding them again. That was true of his encounters with Paul and his sisters, and it’s true again in this final episode. After ruminating on how he failed his parents in his previous life, it’s the thought of Zenith that inspires him to climb back onto his feet. Although Zenith hasn’t appeared at all in the story past the opening episodes, it’s a moment that still hits hard because of the weight of Rudeus’s regrets. Rudeus knows more than anyone that family isn’t something to take for granted.

In the end, Mushoku Tensei was an absolute masterclass of a visual adaptation. The anime squeezed out the maximum mileage from every scene and every line of dialogue. It takes a confident director and screenwriting team to condense so much prose into cinematic language, removing swathes of dialogue and introspection and replacing that with anime-original approximations. This episode in particular pulled together scenarios from various side stories (like Roxy’s amusing encounter with Kishirika) and featured brand new dialogue for all the various side characters, vividly portraying the world far beyond Rudeus’s first-person narrative in a way that nevertheless affirms the main themes. It’s rare to watch an adaptation that’s so satisfying on every level; I feel so privileged to have watched this.


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