Jake Paul Defeats Tyron Woodley With Monster KO

AbraxasDecember 19, 2021

Tonight is the anticipated rematch between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, and the boxing world has been quite curious about who would come out on top. The last battle between the two was a split decision that went eight rounds, and Paul was awarded the win. Both Paul and Woodley come into this match wiser, and many were wondering who would be the one to make the better adjustments in this second fight. Both came out of the gate aggressive right away, though Woodley got a few more hits in than Paul. Paul came back a bit and then they clinched, and soon they clinched up again. They got some boos and then after some flurries another lock up and more quick punches to their heads followed, as did more boos.

The first round ended without much pure offense being thrown, though Woodley did throw more punches in the round than he did last time around. Paul got some big right hands but the referee had to break them up again. Paul followed with another close-in and then they locked up once more. Paul got a big right hand in at Woodley’s head and then got another big hook in on Woodley’s body. Paul got a shot at Woodley’s head, but Woodley also got a punch to the body and head of Paul.

A few more punches from both and then another followed, and then Paul got a few more punches off. Paul missed with a left hook and then the second round ended.

Third round begins and Woodley comes out swinging and then Paul hit a double jab on Woodley. Paul was bleeding from the head a bit. Woodley then keyed in and was on fire, hitting a series of punches and a big uppercut on Paul. Then Paul hit a double jab and a big right hand on Woodley and then Paul hit an uppercut on Woodley. Woodley missed his two punches but he stayed aggressive. Paul dodged two more and was bleeding more and more and they locked up to end the third round.

The fourth round begins and Paul went all out, but then settled down. Paul hit a quick body head combo as the cut on his forehead reopened a bit. Paul went in and Woodley lifted him up a bit and pretty much performed a takedown on him and the referee broke it up and told Woodley he couldn’t do that. Woodley got Paul in the corner and they had to be separated a few more times until the bell and the fourth round ended.

The Fifth round starts and both missed with a few punches. Paul connected a little on some punches as did Woodley, and followed it up with an uppercut. Woodley got another good shot in on Paul’s head and then the round was over. Round six begins and both threw a few punches but nothing really connected, and then Woodley got a big punch in around Paul’s head. Then out of nowhere, Paul hit a massive punch straight to Woodley’s head that knocked him down to the mat hard, and that was it. Paul got the win by knockout.

While Paul got the edge last time, he wasn’t happy that it was so close, and Woodley almost had him down at one point. In an interview with USA Today ahead of tonight’s fight, Paul talked about changing up his approach from the last battle to this one.

“Look, I was unhappy with my performance and I think that was a great thing for me because now, moving forward after that, I made so many adjustments,” Paul said. “Everything, A to Z. My training, how hard I went, my strength and conditioning, my diet, my sleep, my recovery. Everything. I tried to get better, and it’s really paid off.

“Before I was just going in there knocking everybody out. And Tyron was really tough and I wasn’t able to do that, so that pissed me off, and I’ve been pissed off for greatness ever since,” Paul said.

“I learned in the first fight that I just have to stay focused and stick to the game plan. It’s boxing and you’re going to get tagged. Now that I’ve been through it, I have a lot more confidence going into this fight. Tyron was the first person who ever landed a punch against me and it was a great learning experience,” Paul said.

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