Who is Marvel’s Strongest Eternal in the MCU – and What Makes Them So Powerful?

AbraxasNovember 4, 2021

The god-like Eternals are some of the mightiest Marvel characters soon to join the MCU; who among them is the most powerful?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will shortly unveil an ancient race of Earthborn protectors who have lived in dubious anonymity among mankind since Homo sapiens distinguished themselves from the apes. The race was created by the god-like Celestials and first appeared in The Eternals #1 under the pen of legendary writer and penciler Jack Kirby.

Although the Celestials’ true purpose in creating the Eternals has become quite uncertain in recent publication history, it is indisputable that each of the Eternals individually represents some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. As they prepare for their introduction into the MCU, the question remains as to which one of their number will be represented as the most powerful in the film universe.

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Which Eternals Are in the Film?

The cast of Marvel's The Eternals

While many Eternals exist in the Marvel Universe, only a few elected to remain on Earth while the others pursued their destiny in the stars. Those chosen to appear in the movie are those that chose to remain on their home world in the comics. Each of these Eternals have baseline enhancements of strength, durability, energy projection and flight but they all excel at either one those communal abilities or have mastered unique powers.

Kingo is a master swordsman who traveled to ancient Japan as a Samurai and became an actor, although the film adaptation has exchanged his blades for augmented palm blasts. Makkari is a speedster who has been mistaken for the Greek god Mercury. Druig is unsurpassed in mental might, a telepath of the first order. Ajak is the liaison between the Celestials and her people, serving as a spiritual fulcrum and keeper of vast knowledge. Sprite, the Eternal child, is a master of illusions. Sersi has mastered the manipulation of matter on a molecular level.

Ikaris has great strength, extensive battle skills, and energy projection, second in strength only to Gilgamesh who once ruled Sumeria as a king. Thena is the fiercest combatant and for a time led the Eternals. Finally, Phastos is a scholar and engineer whose mind can fathom and operate Celestial technology.

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What to Expect from the Eternals in the MCU

Ajak can commune with the Space Gods who created the Eternals and gave them their purpose. This is a coveted ability among all sentient life in the Universe who are aware of the existence of the Celestials. Any discourse with them is precious beyond meaning, even if it is one-sided.

Druig however has the power to bend people to his will, agitate their fears or divine their greatest secrets. He lacks emotion and sentimentality, and this shows in his willingness to risk or harm human life in ways that the other Eternals are not, which grants him a degree of power through sheer ruthlessness

Angelina Jolie’s Thena has a complicated history as a princess among her people and someone who chose to love a member of their sworn enemies. Thena’s complexity as well as her portrayal by such a well-known actress may elevate her among audiences. Ikaris however has always been the face of the Eternals. His powers, confidence and righteousness are sure to make him palatable for fans of both Marvel Comics and the MCU, and it should be a simple matter for him to come across as the most powerful member of the collective.

Which Eternal Can Do the Most Damage?

Gilgamesh and Ikaris of the Eternals do battle

As far as raw power is concerned, there is no contest where Gilgamesh would not come out on top. It will be interesting to see how well the film will reflect his nearly immeasurable strength.

After more than a decade of watching the Hulk and Thor backhand fire demons, frost giants and puny gods the depiction of Gilgamesh’s might may quite possibly revolutionize and redefine what has been seen in the past.

Who Will Be the Most Powerful Eternal?

Sersi - Eternals #2 cover detail

Sersi and her molecular rearrangement skills have always put her in a class all her own. When the Eternals were being manhandled by an Ajak mutation powered by Celestial machinery Sersi was able to defeat him singlehandedly. When the Mad Titan Thanos was plowing through her people, it was Sersi who crafted a toxic fungus that overwhelmed his body chemistry and defeated him. Lastly, when the universe was blinking out of existence because of a misfiring doomsday device, it was Sersi’s power that instantly created a safe room where her and the Avengers could exist in the midst of universal oblivion.

Although none of these feats is likely to make it into the movie, Sersi will play a central role in the film and is the Eternal who is most connected to humanity. Of all her people, she chooses to live the most among mankind and has even been hailed as an Avenger for a time, a role that would mesh well with what has already occurred within the cinematic universe.

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