10 Villains Who Fight Both Batman And Green Arrow

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Green Arrow began his publication history as an analogue, borderline pastiche of Batman. Later iterations of the two have diverged, but for as much as their personalities differ, the core of “wealthy, non-powered vigilante” means comparisons for the two will never end.

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It’s no coincidence that Smallville used Oliver Queen as a Bruce Wayne equivalent, or that Arrow pulled on Batman mythology as much as Green Arrow’s own. It’s also fitting that the two share many villains.

10 Deathstroke Isn’t Bound To Any Hero’s Rogues Gallery

Deathstroke was first introduced as an adversary for the Teen Titans, but his popularity has branched him out into more of a general antagonist in the DC Universe. In recent years, he’s often squared off with Batman. Deathstroke was a boss in Batman: Arkham Origins and slated to be the main villain of the now cancelled version of The Batman starring Ben Affleck.

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While Bruce and Slade don’t have much of a personal connection, Deathstroke’s hand-to-hand skills mean he can go mano-a-mano with Batman in a way that many of the Dark Knight’s other foes simply can’t. Green Arrow and Deathstroke have had their share of squabbles over the years too – in Identity Crisis, Arrow famously stabbed Slade’s bad eye with an arrowhead. Their most notable connection, however, was in Arrow. Slade was reimagined as Oliver’s mentor, and their friend-to-foe relationship was the crux of Season 2.

9 Deadshot Is More Famous As A Batman Villain, But He Has Fought Green Arrow

Deadshot Batman Green Arrow

Thanks to his starring role on the Suicide Squad, Deadshot has a reputation as more of an anti-hero than a villain. Still, the Man Who Never Misses debuted as an adversary of Batman (in 1950’s Batman #59, in fact), and is generally still counted as a member of the Dark Knight’s rogues.

Good old Floyd faced off with Green Arrow in Deadshot Vol. 2 (written by Christos Gage, art by Steven Cummings). Deadshot was also the first Batman villain to feature on Arrow. Played by Michael Rowe, Deadshot was a recurring character until his death in Season 3.

8 The Clock King Debuted As A Green Arrow Villain, But Fought Batman Too

Clock King Batman Brave and the Bold

More than one DC Universe villain has used the name “Clock King.” The first, William Tockman, featured in a 1960 Green Arrow story from World’s Finest Comics #111 (Ed Herron & Lee Elias). However, the Clock King wound up repurposed as a foe in the Adam West Batman series, while a new version of the villain (named “Temple Fugate”) appeared twice on Batman: The Animated Series. As a nod to their shared rivalry with the Clock King, the very first cold open in Batman: The Brave And The Bold sees Batman and Green Arrow team up to defeat the Clock King.

7 Count Vertigo Is Another Villain Who’s Part Of Both Rogues Gallery

Count Vertigo New 52

Created by Gerry Conway, Trevor Von Eeden, and Vince Colletta, Count Werner Vertigo of Vltava was first an adversary of Green Arrow & Black Canary. The character has become one of the Emerald Archer’s most enduring villains, particularly after Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino’s well-received update for the New 52 (where he was renamed Werner Zytle).

Vertigo also appeared on Batman: The Animated Series, reimagined as a League Of Assassins associate. When Batman teamed up with Green Arrow in Season 5 of The Batman, Vertigo was the villain they faced.

6 The League Of Assassins Are Prolific Adversaries

League of assassins Batman DC Comics

The League Of Assassins, and their leader Ra’s Al Ghul, are some of Batman’s most dangerous enemies. They debuted during Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams’ classic run on Batman/Detective Comics, and since then have featured in most adaptations of Batman (sometimes renamed “The League of Shadows”).

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The League has some ties to Green Arrow’s world, though – his enemy Merlyn was a member of the group. The writers of Arrow used this connection to bring in the League Of Assassins, culminating in Ra’s Al Ghul as the main villain of Season 3.

5 Lady Shiva Can Best Both Heroes

Besides Ra’s Al Ghul, the most deadly member of the League Of Assassins is Lady Shiva. The best hand-to-hand fighter in the DC Universe, Shiva is a frequent enemy of Batman, one of the few men who’s fighting skills can come close to hers. Their animosity is heightened by Batman’s mentorship of Shiva’s daughter, Cassandra Cain (aka Batgirl or Orphan). However, Shiva has also fought Green Arrow a few times as well – both Oliver Queen and his son/successor, Connor Hawke.

4 Prometheus Is A Counterpart To Batman, But Has Animosity With Green Arrow Too

Prometheus Arrow Prometheus

Created by Grant Morrison and Arnie Jorgensen, Prometheus was the anti-Batman – the son of two criminals who saw his parents shot to death in front of him by police. Pushed into super-villainy, Prometheus pushed himself to the peak of human condition. In his debut, he infiltrated the JLA’s Watchtower and personally beat Batman hand-to-hand. However, it was Green Arrow who ended Prometheus for good with a headshot during Cry For Justice (written by James Robinson, art by Scott Clark, Mauro Cascioli, Ibraim Roberson). Arrow used a heavily-altered Prometheus as the villain for Season 5.

3 Firefly Was Reinvented For Arrow

Arrow Firefly

Garfield Lynns, aka Firefly, debuted in Detective Comics #184 (France Herron & Dick Sprang). Initially just one of many silly, minor villains from Batman’s Silver Age, the character found new purchase after Crisis On Infinite Earths. Reimagined as a pyromaniac, the character has become an enduring foe of Batman, appearing in many adaptations, from The New Batman Adventures up to Batman: Arkham Origins. Lynns, reimagined as a former firefighter, appeared as a villain of the week on Season 1 of Arrow.

2 Catman Has History With Both Heroes

Created by Bill Finger and Jim Mooney, Catman debuted in the Silver Age as an adversary of Batman. Gotham wasn’t big enough for two feline-themed villains, though, so Catwoman teamed up with Batman to defeat him. For these same reasons, Catman never caught on as arch-foe of Batman. During his Green Arrow run, Brad Meltzer poked at the character’s milquetoast reputation by depicting him as a schlubby, easily-defeated nuisance.

1 The Electrocutioner Is A Thorn For Batman And Green Arrow

Electrocutioner is a title worn by three DC villains, but the most prominent is the third, Lester Buchinsky. The character is little more than an annoyance most of the time. Batman: Arkham Origins saw him be defeated in a single punch by Batman. As an accomplice of Prometheus during Cry For Justice, the Electrocutioner ran afoul of Green Arrow, eventually being murdered by Arrow’s protege, Roy Harper.

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