10 Anime Characters Who Lived Up To The Hype

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Living up to the hype isn’t easy and someone’s reputation isn’t always an accurate reflection of their capabilities. There are characters who are just in the right place at the right time and are credited with victories they weren’t responsible for. Others find their reputations exaggerated, taking on a legendary form that they couldn’t hope to live up to.

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But every now and then, a character comes along who justifies their immense reputation. These individuals are every bit as smart and powerful as expected, and they’re worthy of the titles and positions bestowed on them.

10 L Justified His Title As The “World’s Greatest Detective” (Death Note)

Death Note L looking stern in Kira Taskforce hotel room

L was introduced as a fairy-tale figure, mentioned by others as more of a myth than man. This idea was further strengthened by his initial refusal to show his face, preferring to work from the shadows. His genius was demonstrated immediately when he tricked Light into revealing two things: he could kill without being in the room, and he was located in the Konto region of Japan.

From there, L’s deductive skills led him to Light Yagami, a remarkable feat considering Kira could be practically anyone in the world. Unfortunately, L died trying to conclusively prove Light was Kira. But his achievements up to that point proved just how brilliant he was.

9 Julius Novachrono Effortlessly Overwhelmed The Eye Of The Midnight Sun (Black Clover)

Julius-young and old

The Eye of the Midnight Sun were a terrorist organization and the primary antagonists of the Eye of the Midnight Sun arc. Made up of capable mages, they first demonstrated their magical capabilities by terrorizing the Clover Kingdom, capturing Asta and almost killing Magic Knights Captain Fuegoleon Vermillion.

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They appeared unstoppable, that is until Julius Novachrono entered the mix. As the Wizard King, Julius demonstrated just how powerful he was by instantly killing two members of the villainous group, then displayed unrivalled proficiency with his Time Magic, briefly paralyzing all of the remaining members. Julius definitely lived up to the hype.

8 Netero Was Still Formidable In His Old Age (Hunter X Hunter)

Young Isaac Netero In Hunter X Hunter

Netero’s early hype was rooted in his position as Chairman of the Hunter Association—suggesting he was capable enough to manage the strongest humans in the world. Fans also briefly saw him toy with Killua and Gon during the Hunter Exam Arc. However, it wasn’t until the Chimera Ant Arc that Netero truly flexed his muscles.

Upon entering the Chimera Ant palace, Netero unveiled his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva and swatted away Neferpitou of the Royal Guard. His battle with Meruem only further cemented the validity of his position, with the Chairman displaying unprecedented Nen skill and firepower.

7 Satoru Gojo’s Arrogance Was Routinely Justified (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen's Gojo With Uncovered Eyes

The self-proclaimed “Honorable One,” Gojo’s supreme confidence was palpable every time he appeared on the screen. But all fans of Jujutsu Kaisen will agree that the sorcerer’s superiority complex is justified as he has dominated every battle so far.

Gojo effortlessly overwhelmed one-fingered Sukuna, toyed with the special grade curse Jogo, and almost erased another special grade curse—Hanami—from existence. One of his powers, called Infinity, allows Gojo to manipulate the space between himself and everything else, making him impervious to physical attacks. So far, it appears Gojo could take on the entire world.

6 Tatsumaki Is The Strongest Esper (One-Punch Man)

Anime One-Punch Man Tatsumaki Stern

Holding the position of S-Class Rank 2 Hero and bestowed the title of “World’s Strongest Esper,” Tatsumaki’s reputation is a mighty one. Prior to seeing the hero in action, fans witnessed the monstrous strength of those ranked below her—including the powerful Silver Fang— further enhancing her own reputation.

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When finally called into action, Tatsumaki uses her psychic abilities to stop a bombardment of alien missiles and fire them back at the alien spaceship. The Hero Association consider her the ultimate weapon, only to be used for the greatest of threats.

5 Mikey Defeated The Enemy With One Swift Headkick (Tokyo Revengers)

At the beginning of Tokyo Revengers, Mikey is highlighted as one of the two notorious leaders of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Under his perceived leadership, the gang are known for their ties to the criminal underworld and are wanted by the police. But when Takemichi goes back in time and encounters a young Mikey, fans are questioning whether this is the same guy.

Mikey is a friendly and happy character with a physically underwhelming build. But when facing the leader of Moebius, Mikey delivers a powerful kick to his head, knocking him out and justifying his title of “The Invincible Mikey.”

4 Escanor’s Supreme Power Justified His Place As The Strongest Member Of The Seven Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Although not seen in the first season, Escanor’s name is mentioned by Meliodas who states this his own power is second to the Lion Sin of Pride. Considering Meliodas was the strongest character in the show up until the beginning of season 2, it’s easy to understand why Escanor was so hyped.

When he finally faces off against Galand—a member of the terrifying Ten Commandments—Escanor makes short work of him. He then goes on to dispatch the likes of Estarossa and Melascula, confirming Meliodas’ earlier claim.

3 Giyu Tomioka Proved The Hashira Were Leagues Above Everyone Else (Demon Slayer)

Giyu with a straight face

The Hashira are the best swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps, mastering their breathing techniques and swordsmanship to effortlessly slay the demons they face. But for most of season one of Demon Slayerthe Hashira’s true capabilities are shrouded in mystery, and it isn’t until Giyu Tomioka rescues Tanjiro that the gap between them and the rest becomes clear.

Giyu makes short work of the Lower Moon 5 Kizuki demon, despite the demon’s success against the combined effort of Tanjiro and Nezuko. In fact, Giyu doesn’t break a sweat, moving with such speed and precision that the demon wasn’t aware he had been defeated.

2 Alucard’s Superior Abilities Meant He Was The Strongest Vampire Alive (Hellsing)

Alucard sneers while his eyes glow red behind his glasses

As the Hellsing organization’s trump card and strongest vampire alive, Alucard’s reputation precedes him. His name alone drives fear into even the most powerful organizations, and even those with their own terrifying power—including Alexander Arnold and The Captain—are wary of engaging the ancient evil.

And from the very beginning, Alucard lives up to the hype, displaying powers far beyond that of a normal vampire. He shapeshifts, communicates telepathically, and steals souls to add to his personal army. But more than just his power, Alucard demonstrates the sadistic nature of the King of vampires, lusting for battle and torturing those stupid enough to face him.

1 Jiraiya Consistently Proved Why He Was One Of The Sannin (Naruto)


The Sannin were three powerful ninja who established fearsome reputations because of their performance during the Third Great Ninja War. As one of these legendary figures, Jiraiya was respected and feared by shinobi throughout the Naruto world. However, when first introduced, he was painted as a pervert and there was no sign of his shinobi mastery.

But as his character developed, Jiraiya proved worthy of his Sannin title and put in some impressive performances against Orochimaru, Itachi and Kisame, and Pain. But his most important contribution was as a teacher to Naruto, helping the young knuckleheaded ninja to realize his true potential.

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