10 Anime Characters Who Are Obsessed With Romance & Finding Love

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The world of anime is populated with characters of all types, and these characters are deeply relatable when they are pursuing matters of the heart. Many romance anime series focus on this, but so do some slice-of-life anime shows or dramas, mainly in the shojo genre but sometimes shonen as well. True love is something anyone would want.

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Many anime characters are well-known for their search for true love, and they’ll keep at it until they get their happily ever after. Some anime characters are shy and timid about this and need help gaining some confidence with their love lives, while other characters aggressively seek their happily ever after, no matter what it takes. In fact, it’s almost all they can think about.

10 Ayame Himuro Has A Few Hypotheses On Love (Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It)

ayame himuro science

Ayame Himuro is a young scientist whose head is full of insightful ideas and theories, especially when it comes to her budding love life. Ayame takes her studies seriously, but she takes matters of the heart even more so. She has one goal: to determine if she truly loves her handsome co-worker, Shinya Yukimura.

These young scientists have a strong mutual crush, but Ayame is much bolder and more playful about it. Even more than Shinya, she’s absolutely determined to scientifically verify her feelings before making her move. This will be an experiment to put the theory of relativity to shame.

9 Misa Amane Was Smitten Immediately (Death Note)

Misa Amane is a major supporting character in Death Note, and even if she doesn’t have Light Yagami’s incredible wits, she does have a few tricks of her own, and she managed to meet up with Light before Light could track her down. That’s saying something.

Misa knew right away that Light was the only one for her, and she devoted almost every free moment of her daily life to winning his heart, even if he was keeping her at arm’s length for the most part. Misa cared even more about Light than killing L, especially since L was more Light’s enemy than hers.

8 Himiko Toga Seeks Bloodstained Love (My Hero Academia)

himiko toga happy

Himiko Toga is a yandere character with a Quirk: Transform. To her, true love comes from wholly imitating the object of her affection, and becoming them down to the finest detail. She felt that way about Stain the hero killer first, then set her sights on Izuku Midoirya and, to a lesser extent, Ochaco Uraraka.

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Himiko wants to be free of society’s seemingly arbitrary and unfair rules, and she longs to be free to pursue, and become, everyone whom she loves. She even imitated Ochaco out of desperation while fighting the Meta Liberation Army, showing the extent of her dedication to Ochaco.

7 Juvia Lockser Won’t Stop Chasing Gray (Fairy Tail)

Juvia is a persistent, lovestruck wizard who has some minor yandere tendencies, but she also has a more wholesome deredere streak, meaning she is annoyingly persistent in her pursuit of Gray Fullbuster without being a serious threat in the process. She’s jealously possessive, but not excessively so.

Still, Gray didn’t like Juvia’s obsessive interest in him at first, resulting in a decidedly unrequited love on Juvia’s part. Still, she persisted and found a way to Gray’s heart, and even tried to give her life for his sake during battle. But by then, Gray was ready to do the same for her, too.

6 Sato Matsuzaka Is A Criminal Yandere (Happy Sugar Life)

Satou Matasuzaka, Happy Sugar Life

Sato Matsuzaka is a full-blown yandere, and she has committed numerous felonies in her pursuit of true love. She had no love in her original family, and she felt that her jar-like heart was empty. Now it’s time to fill that jar with something special, even if it comes at the cost of blood.

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Sato “adopted” a young girl name Shio by half-kidnapping her, keeping the girl in her apartment and refusing to let anyone else see her or rescue her. Sato has already killed several people to shield Shio from the world, including her best friend from school. Sato is obsessed with finding her happily ever after, but in the darkest way imaginable.

5 Maki Oze Is A Sucker For Romance (Fire Force)

Maki Oze is a fire soldier and a former member of the military, but she didn’t harden her heart during boot camp. In fact, she is a huge fan of all things romance, and she dreams of her own fairy tale love story, much to her co-workers’ amusement.

Anytime she’s not on active duty, Maki is daydreaming about meeting her one true love, and when Shinra Kusakabe arrived, her imagination went wild. It doesn’t take much for Maki to start planning her dream wedding, even if it’s still years in the future.

4 Kaguya Shinomiya Always Has Miyuki On Her Mind (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

Kaguya Shinomiya was born into wealth, and she also has numerous talents and good grades to her name. Her entire life is already set, but something is missing: true love. Kaguya seeks to earn something on her own, and Miyuki Shirogane’s heart is what she wants more than anything.

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Kaguya and Miyuki are both too proud and crafty to admit their feelings, though, so they keep conspiring to trick the other into confessing first. By now, this is all they can think about, and Kaguya won’t stop talking about Miyuki to her maid and friend, Ai Hayasaka. Ai is getting weary of this, and just wants Kaguya to hurry up and admit her feelings already.

3 Marika Tachibana Keeps Chasing Raku (Nisekoi)

marika tachibana

Raku Ichijo already has his hands full with his feisty false fiancee Chitoge Kirisaki, but he also has his heart set on Kosaki Onodera. Then, another girl arrives: Marika Tachibana, who is absolutely fixated on Raku and getting him to marry her as soon as possible.

Marika dedicates every minute of her waking life to pursuing Raku, or at least daydreaming about him, and she won’t take no for an answer. She can get carried away at times, but at least she doesn’t cross over into dangerous yandere territory. Still, this is a real headache for Raku.

2 Narumi Momose Eats & Breathes BL (Wotakoi)

Narumi Momose is an office worker who nurses a secret passion for romance stories, most of all boys’ love stories, or BL fiction. She will grab any BL paperback or manga volume in the bookstore she can find, and she has extensive knowledge of the genre. She later shared this expertise with her friend, Hanako Koyanagi.

Narumi’s own love life was modest until she and her old friend Hirotaka Nifuji decided to start dating, and she was very happy in that relationship. She also takes an interest in the love lives of others, including Hanako as well as Hirotaka’s little brother, the friendly Naoya Nifuji.

1 Azazel Ameri Loves Shojo Stories (Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Azazel Ameri is a smart and powerful demon student at the Babyls school, and she is highly respected as the student council president, too. Ameri takes her studies seriously, but she also makes time for shojo romance stories, with Iruma Suzuki reading them out loud. Ameri can’t read Japanese, only demon script.

Azazel now loves all things romance, and anytime she has spare time from her duties, she’s brainstorming ideas for dates with Iruma, and she is determined to find out if he loves her back. She’s too nervous to just ask him, though. Ameri will have to try something subtler.

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