X-Men Anatomy: The 5 Weirdest Things About Mister Sinister’s Body

AbraxasNovember 3, 2021

Mister Sinister is a name that conjures numerous associations: He’s a villain, genius, and master manipulator. Mister Sinister has been a figure of mystery and deception since his first, silhouetted appearance in Uncanny X-Men #212. As the years and decades have passed, his powers — many of which are based in his mutant anatomy — have grown ever more complex and stranger.

Here are five interesting facts about Mister Sinister’s anatomy.

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What Is Mister Sinister’s Relation to Apocalypse?

Mister Sinister began life in Victorian England as Nathaniel Essex, a baseline human who became interested in evolution and genetics after Darwin published his theories. Even as a human, he proved thoroughly amoral and willing to experiment on human test subjects, no matter the outcome. He became the familiar, pale-skinned man only after awakening En Sabah Nur — Apocalypse himself. After Mister Sinister agrees to be the first in a new batch of Horsemen, Nur transforms him, changing his appearance and giving him near-immortality and telekinesis, as well as completely removing the last scraps of morals he might have had.

These powers were given to allow Sinister to undertake his experiments with complete dispassion and to help Apocalypse take over England. Specifically, Nur wanted Sinister to create a techno-organic virus to aid in this plan. Experiencing a rare change of heart, Sinister used the virus on Apocalypse instead. Apocalypse was weakened but survived and told Sinister that he will kill him one day in the future, leading Sinister to continually improve and add powers to himself to be ready for that confrontation.

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Can Mister Sinister Shape Shift?

In addition to the powers granted to him by Apocalypse, Sinister has always shown an ability to morph his body into various shapes and to be nearly impervious to most things, the powers of Cyclops and Havok excluded. This ability comes from genetic samples he took from a mutant called Courier, provided by Gambit, who had traveled back in time with him on Thieves’ Guild business.

Though not a stretching power per se, this malleability is a complete control over his molecular structure, similar to Apocalypse’s abilities, which allows Mister Sinister to absorb impacts, immediately repair any damage, and alter his mass. It has also given him an incredible healing factor.

What Mutant Abilities Does Mister Sinister Have?

Never one to be satisfied with one when he could have two or 200 (of anything), Sinister has added to his genomes over the decades, taking samples from various mutants and using them to augment his abilities. These include Summers’ DNA, from which he has the ability to project blasts of force from his hands.

Other powers include the ability to create force fields and to interface mentally with technology in his facilities. Sinister can also teleport, but this power has been called into question by Beast, who believes it to be a function of his base rather than a power. The veracity of Beast’s belief has not yet been revealed.

In addition, Sinister has even used the genomes of dead individuals to increase his powers, specifically the original Thunderbird himself, John Proudstar. Thanks to this, Sinister now has increased speed, stamina, strength, and senses.

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Is Mister Sinister a Telepath?

Mister Sinister Exodus

In addition to his Telekinesis, Sinister has a variety of mental abilities. These include telepathy (within a 250-mile range), mind control (including trapping other minds within his own), illusions, altering and removing memories.

Other mental powers include the ability to paralyze people, create mental shields, and psionic force bolts. All told, Sinister is a mental powerhouse that is a match for all but the strongest telepaths, even blocking a young Charles Xavier from reading his thoughts.

Can Mister Sinister Die?

Mister Sinister is indeed a singular man — in that each and every cell of his body has been programmed with his essence, including his memories, to allow him to recreate himself if he dies. He has used this to create a civilization of clones, including a city modeled after Victorian London in the Moloid tunnels under Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks to his ability to always ensure failsafes upon failsafes, Sinister has come back from death numerous times.

Sometimes he just makes clones. Sometimes he implants his essence in host bodies to be triggered when his current body dies, at which time it will begin to take over the host. Regardless of how he does it, the point is that Sinister has such complete control over his genomes that it is almost impossible to kill him.

To say that Mister Sinister is a self-made man would be the height of understatement. He is perhaps the single-most genetically tampered with individual in the Marvel Universe and he has the vast powers to show for it. Presumably, he will only continue to add to and change his genome and continue to add powers as a result. Sinister is evolution in action and evolution is inexorable.

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