Rick & Morty: 5 Marvel Heroes Rick Would Love (& 5 He Would Hate)

AbraxasNovember 3, 2021

Rick Sanchez is easily one of the most brilliant and self-destructive characters ever created. One half of the hit animated series Rick & Morty, the mad scientist with a drinking problem and a love of chaos has become an iconic pop culture figure who not only loves to bring the ruckus but enjoys breaking the fourth wall as well.

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With all of his multiverse hopping, it isn’t hard to imagine a time when Rick would find himself in one of the most famous universes of all time, the 616; better known as the Marvel Universe. Just how well Rick would get along with the heroes of the Marvel Universe is hard to say, but there are certainly some heroes he would love and some he would despise.

10 Love: Deadpool & Rick Would Have Great Adventures Together

Deadpool Kills Deadpool

They both love to make pop culture references, they both break the fourth wall, and they both hide their pain behind snarky remarks. It seems like Deadpool and Rick Sanchez would have a great time together killing as many aliens as they can get in their sights.

These two ultra-violent favorites would laugh their way across the Marvel Universe causing as much havoc as they could, only stopping for the occasional bite to eat; some chimichangas with McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.

9 Hate: Reed Richards Is Too Much Like Rick

Fantastic Four Reed Richards

On paper, Rick and Reed Richards have a lot in common. They are both super-geniuses with families that they go on adventures with, and they both have a tendency to find themselves saving the world—or even all of existence—on a regular basis.

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But if there’s one thing Rick really hates, it’s other geniuses. Rick has a real issue dealing with people as smart as he is, especially if those people, like the Council of Ricks or Reed Richards, want things to be in order. There’s little doubt that Rick would completely despise Reed.

8 Love: Rocket Raccoon Is The Kind Of Angry Animal Rick Likes To Hang Out With

A genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced raccoon with amazing tactical skills and a big chip on his shoulder, Rocket Raccoon is exactly the kind of guy Rick loves to hang out with. These two would compare notes, come up with new horrifically powerful weapons, and excitedly use them on anyone who got in their way.

Rick has a tendency to befriend anthropomorphic animals, like Squanchy, and would be fascinated by the work the Halfworld Robots did to Rocket. Rick and Rocket wouldn’t become as close as some duos, but they would have a great time whenever they got together.

7 Hate: Squirrel Girl Is Too Kind

Squirrel Girl frosting a cake

There is a mean streak in Rick that permeates just about everything he does. Even when Rick is helping people, he is a real jerk about it. That kind of attitude just wouldn’t work with Squirrel Girl. The loving and endlessly joyful hero would have a really hard time dealing with Rick, and Rick would be seriously annoyed by Squirrel Girl’s chipper attitude.

Within minutes, the two would realize that they have very little—if anything—in common, and go their separate ways, never speaking to one another again.

6 Love: Wolverine Could Keep Up With Rick At The Bar

Wolverine Regenerates Blood

Even though he can never actually feel the effects of the cigars and booze he takes in, Wolverine loves few things as much as he loves to smoke and drink. And while Rick isn’t a big smoker, he does love to drink.

The image of Wolverine and Rick sitting together at a bar somewhere deep in space is an easy one to imagine, and it’s even easier to imagine the bar fight they would get into, and just how many bodies they would leave behind.

5 Hate: Doctor Strange Is Too Weird

Doctor Strange Astral Plane

Rick is all about science. He has shown a great dislike for the very idea of magic and isn’t a fan of people who play in the magical realm. When it comes to someone like Doctor Strange, it seems more than likely that Rick would do all he could to make the Sorcerer Supreme look like a fool.

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Rick has already shown that he can use science to get rid of curses, so there’s no reason to think he couldn’t come up with devices that could counter Doctor Strange’s abilities. The only question is if it would be enough for Rick to just humiliate Doctor Strange or if he would feel the need to kill him as well.

4 Love: Howard the Duck Has Style

Another anthropomorphic animal, and this time it’s one who likes to drink. Howard the Duck and Rick Sanchez have a lot in common, from their tendency to speak their minds to their distrust of governments and preference to be left alone to do what they want.

While Howard probably wouldn’t want to go on any of Rick’s adventures, he most certainly would want to get invited to Rick’s parties, and Rick would appreciate Howard’s stylish clothes. The two would most certainly like to spend some time together mocking other talking ducks, like Donald and Daffy.

3 Hate: Captain America Is Too Uptight

Captain America With Shield

A child of the Great Depression and a fighter in World War II, Captain America is more than happy to be considered a member of “The Greatest Generation” and continues to live a life based around the concepts of order and respect.

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Order and respect are two things Rick Sanchez is not a fan of. Captain America’s entire way of doing things is anathema to Rick, who prefers to keep things loose and play it by ear. Captain America’s entire attitude would fill Rick with near-endless rage.

2 Love: She-Hulk Knows How To Have A Good Time


Another character who breaks the fourth wall from time to time, She-Hulk has been shown to be someone who knows when to be serious and knows when it’s time to have some serious fun. And while she may not like everything about Rick Sanchez, and he wouldn’t like everything about her, the two would almost certainly get along.

They wouldn’t be the best of friends, but She-Hulk and Rick would certainly have a great time together traveling around and painting the universe red for a weekend of unbridled fun.

1 Hate: Iron Man Is Too Rich

Iron Man Living Tribunal

While they’re both genius inventors, there’s no way Iron Man and Rick Sanchez would get along. For Tony Stark, Rick’s methods would be too wild and unwieldy. For Rick, Tony’s entire rich-boy attitude would be more than enough to hate him. Born

into money, Tony has always had the best of everything while Rick makes all of his inventions in a small garage with random pieces that he can dig up. Rick is punk rock while Tony is classical music, and the two would never work together.

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