Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2: All Brutal Fatalities, Ranked

AbraxasNovember 3, 2021

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2, now streaming on Netflix.

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 pretty much picks up where the original Netflix horror left off as a small, rural Polish town has to cope with another massacre. This time, it’s not the boil-infested twins, but new alien-mutates in the form of Zosia (Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz) and Adam (Mateusz Wieclawek) as they decide it’s time to bring down the apocalypse — infected by the meteor and black goo just like the twins were. And make no mistake, their mission leads to quite a few brutal fatalities, so let’s rank the deaths.

8. Janeczka’s Unforgiving Quartering

Initially, Adam, Wanessa and Janeczka hide out at the teenage camp nearby as Zosia goes on her rampage. They plan to use Janeczka as bait but that goes awry when they lose their sniper, which results in Zosia grabbing the prostitute. She then rips Janeczka apart limb by limb and tosses the body parts inside the main house to taunt the rest of her prey and push Wanessa into a selfish survival mode.

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7. Janusz’s Karmic Eye Stabbing

Wanessa knocks Adam over and leaves him to be killed by Zosia, she likes him and converts the inept cop into a hungry mutant too. They end up at Janusz’s, where she wants to teach Adam to kill. Adam did hate the shop owner for being an animal abuser and he ends up shoving a knife into the man’s eye. Janusz pulls it out but it’s gone straight through, killing him slowly and inspiring Adam to have sex with Zosia as he finally feels alive.

6. Sergeant Waldemar’s Savage Mutilation

Waldemar hates that he has to mop up the mess in the opening act after imprisoning the twins at the station. He thinks Zosia has something to do with the kills from the first film, though, so he carries her to their home where the meteor infects and turns her. She quickly becomes rabid and attacks the cop, ripping the lower half of his body off. It leaves him crawling and dying as entrails cover the floor.

5. Slawek’s Backfiring Bear Trap

When Wanessa realized Zosia was the new killer around, she called some local hunters: Slawek and his brother, Mariusz. They have military experience, but sadly, as Slawek sets a bear trap, he’s distracted by Mariusz and Co. being spooked by an animal in the bushes. The noises cause him to botch the trap, which clamps down and severs both hands in a gory scene. He then bleeds out and dies at the camp in a heartbreaking manner.

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4. Oliwier’s Shocking Gutting

The camp chief, Oliwier, initially spends time at Janeczka’s, using her as a therapist, but when power’s cut he heads out to the circuit box to inspect it. Little does he know it’s Zosia laying a trap, and as he tries to figure out what’s wrong, she sneaks up from the back and jams his head into the breakers. He gets electrocuted and as the fried body lays on the ground, it’s ripped open as Zosia pulls his innards out and throws guts everywhere.

3. Mariusz’s Heart-Stopping Murder

Adam and Ziosa find tragedy in Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight II

In the scene where Janeczka is initially used as bait at the camp, Mariusz is in a room as the sniper, angry that he lost his brother. However, Zosia sneaks up on him and punches through his heart, ripping it out and admiring it, a la Mortal Kombat. It gets worse, though, as she then plunges her hand down his throat and rips his esophagus out in a very graphic, chilling moment not fit for the squeamish, dropping him to the floor.

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2. Wanessa’s Head Stomp

Adam and Ziosa find tragedy in Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight II

When Zosia and Adam come to the station to free the twins, Wanessa tries to shoot them up and throw a grenade at them. It fails, though, which allows Adam to overpower the sinister cop. Zosia then urges him to rip her apart as she’s always been mean to him, but he can’t, which causes Zosia to come over and peel the skin down off her face. She hates how Adam crushed on Wanessa for being the prettiest girl in town, and expresses more of her anger by then stomping and squashing her head in, leaving brains and an eye behind.

1. Zosia’s Roadkill Disaster

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight II has a freaky sex scene with Adam and Ziosa

Pissed at Adam’s cowardice with Wanessa, Zosia storms out of the precinct, but as she hits the road, the special ops caravan that was called in runs her over. A couple of vans end up squishing her in another gory sequence, leaving guts on the asphalt and Adam on his knees, crying. The overhead shot of the vans crushing her insides carves out a horrific end as Adam did love her and hated how she felt that he was impure at the end.

See how all these brutal fatalities occur in Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2, now streaming on Netflix.

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