NIKKEI ASIA: Nintendo Can Only Produce 24 Million Switch’s This Financial Year

AbraxasNovember 3, 2021

(Photo: Daryl Harding)


Nikkei Asia reported yesterday that Nintendo is unable to a little more than 24 million Nintendo Switch’s this financial year that ends March 31, 2022. Not only is this less than the forecasted amount the Japanese gaming giant was going to make –which was pegged at 30 million units– but is less than Nintendo forecasted in previous investor reports they were going to sell–which was projected to be 25.5 million units. 


And the semiconductor chip shortage is the reason behind the issues.


The semiconductor chip shortage has affected every facet of the global economy over the past couple of years, with everything from PlayStations, to iPhones, to cars, refrigerators, televisions, and basically everything that needs semiconductors being put on backorder. According to CNBC, the automotive industry will lose out on US$210 billion in revenue because of the shortage in 2021. A fewer million Nintendo Switch’s do seem like a drop in the bucket compared to that.


Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that while they want to make more Nintendo Switch’s, which remains hard to find in stores across the world, but most noticeably in the company’s home country of Japan, it just wasn’t physically possible to do so. 


Nintendo had planned to make 30 million units of the Nintendo Switch over the three different versions for a projected 25.5 million sales, but even that number will be impossible to meet, though retailers keep asking the company for more units. The projected sales number was already lower than the number of consoles sold in FY2020, 28.83 million units in their best year ever, marking a steeper drop in 2021 than the Kyoto company expected.


Source: Nikkei Asia


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