Fudanshi Shōkan Boys-Love Isekai Comedy Manga Gets 2nd Net Mini Anime by Global Anime

AbraxasNovember 3, 2021

Futabasha debuted the first episode of a second mini-anime net series for Moe Fujisaki’s Fudanshi Shōkan: Isekai de Shinjū ni Hameraremashita (Fudanshi Summoning: I Got Laid by a Divine Beast on an Alternate World) manga on Wednesday. The new anime commemorates the release of the manga’s fourth volume on November 10.

The episode’s cast includes Takuya Eguchi as Wu and Makoto Furukawa as Kagetora.

A new episode will debut every Wednesday for two more weeks, for a total of three episodes.

The first mini-anime net series premiered on September 2019. The four-episode series commemorated the release of the manga’s second volume.

The series starred Haruki Ishiya as Kotone Aizuhara and Takuya Satō as Nagi.

The manga’s story centers on Kotone Aizuhara, a fudanshi (a male fan of boys-love manga, similar to female fujoshi fans) who dies after getting run over by a truck while buying BL manga. He is transported into an alternate world, where a divine serpent in the form of a man named Nagi greets him. Nagi tells Kotone that they need to have sex so that Nagi can assume his higher dragon form.

Fujisaki launched the manga on Futabasha‘s Comic Marginal website in 2019. Futabasha published the manga’s third compiled book volume in April.

Sources: Futabasha‘s YouTube channel, Comic Natalie

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