10 Anime Sequels That Did Not Live Up To The Hype

AbraxasNovember 3, 2021

There’s plenty of anime out there that end with the viewer wanting more. Whether it’s because it never finished its story or fans just wanted to see more of the characters they love, there are more than a couple of reasons why sequels are desired. While some anime never get the chance to shine again, there are many that do get continuations… to varying degrees of success.

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While there are highly anticipated anime sequels that managed to live up to their hype, there are just as many that ended up as weak, disappointing, or even terrible followups to their previous seasons.

10 FLCL Had Two Sequels, Both Were Underwhelming

The original FLCL (also known as Fooly Cooly) was a six-episode coming-of-age story that saw Naota Nandaba navigate the rough feelings of growing up while being interspersed with the eccentric Haruko Haruhara crashing into his life and bringing in a whole lot of sci-fi weirdness with her. It was short but meaningful and surprisingly got itself two sequel seasons roughly fifteen years later.

FLCL Progressive acted as more of a direct sequel, but its new characters ended up being uninteresting and it meandered in its plot. FLCL Alternative was more of its own thing. However, its plot was more generic and barely resembled the original FLCL. Despite their best efforts, neither of these sequels could recapture what made the original such a cult classic.

9 Black Butler II Is Basically Non-Canon

Black Butler II

While the first season of Black Butler followed its source material at first, the plot eventually diverges into anime-original territory and the season ends with Sebastian taking Ciel’s soul. However, these facts didn’t stop Black Butler II from trying to continue the story, and the results left a bad taste in fans’ mouths.

Being completely anime-original, Black Butler II suffered for its unlikeable new characters, plot holes, and an underwhelming story with a really unsatisfying conclusion. It was so disliked that Season 3 would go on to reboot the story, relegating Season 2 as non-canon.

8 Season 3 Onward Of Seven Deadly Sins Unraveled

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins had a very promising start. Featuring a ragtag group of knights fighting to reclaim a kingdom against them, the characters were weird but likable and the animation was energetic and vibrant. However, the production of this battle shonen was moved over to Studio Deen for Season 3 and onward. That was the beginning of the end for this anime.

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Downgrading to sloppy and lackluster animation, The Seven Deadly Sins heart-pounding battles became rough and hard to look at. To make matters worse, the story also began to unravel as it began to lose the plot, squandering its premise and characters as it dragged its feet to the end.

7 One-Punch Man’s Second Season Was Disappointing

One Punch Man Season 2

Few anime get to make as big a splash as One-Punch Man did with its first season, featuring the powerful but bored Saitama as he nonchalantly saves the world with only one punch. With amazing animation to give weight to these heroes’ power and pretty out-there and hilarious characters, many wanted to see more of the Caped Baldy’s exploits after the first season ended.

Eventually, it did get a Season 2, but it sadly became a disappointment. Switching from Madhouse to J.C. Staff, the animation quality paled in comparison to the original season, and a lack of humor or focus on Saitama himself made this follow-up fizzle out rather quickly.

6 Endless Eight Killed The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya’s Second Season

Haruhi Suzumiya Endless Eight

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is fondly remembered by many of its fans overall, with its strange but engaging premise and equally strange but engaging characters. So, it was no surprise that by Season 1’s end, viewers were hungry to see what the SOS Brigade would get up to next. Much to everyone’s surprise, they would find out the worst way possible.

Season 2 of Haruhi Suzumiya features an arc called “Endless Eight” which saw the gang get trapped in a time loop for eight whole episodes where largely the same events repeated themselves with little differences. This arc dragged on for most of Season 2, killing the enthusiasm fans had for this season and series as a whole.

5 Boruto Is Stuck In Naruto’s Shadow

boruto yell

With over seven hundred episodes under its belt, Naruto had fans in for the long haul up until the very end. Yet, despite this, the story continued following the orange-clad ninja’s son in Boruto. While following the next generation of ninja isn’t a bad idea, Boruto has had some mixed reception due to a number of reasons.

A good chunk of the early episodes was filler, a lot of strange choices were made with fan-favorite characters, and Boruto himself has proven to be a rather divisive protagonist to follow. While it does have its moments, it hasn’t been received nearly as well as Naruto was. Like the character, Boruto has been stuck in the shadow of its predecessor.

4 Tokyo Ghoul Stumbled In Later Seasons And Never Recovered

Tokyo Ghoul ken kaneki looking at hand

Twisted, violent, and heavy, Tokyo Ghoul quickly made a name for itself in its initial season. While it wasn’t perfect, it did manage to keep its story straight, something that could not be said for the rest of the series. Tokyo Ghoul √A made big missteps by trying to mix anime-original content with only bits and pieces of the manga’s plot, and the results were a meandering mess that ended on a whimper.

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Tokyo Ghoul:re tried to continue on past √A’s, but its rushed pacing and low-quality animation didn’t do it any favors. No matter how you slice it, Tokyo Ghoul stumbled after its first season and it never really recovered.

3 Dragon Ball GT Couldn’t Live Up To Z’s Legacy


Dragon Ball has remained one of the most recognizable and iconic franchises in all of anime, with Dragon Ball Z in particular being the most beloved and fondly remembered. Following up was a tall order given its legacy, but there were a few attempts to do so. The one fans rather leave forgotten is Dragon Ball GT.

Old characters felt dumbed down (particularly Goku who was turned back into a child), new characters were annoying, the fights weren’t nearly as entertaining, and its story and tone were inconsistent. GT had some big expectations it never lived up to, and even the franchise considers it non-canon.

2 The Speedrun That Was Promised Neverland Season 2

Emma in the Promised Neverland Finale

The Promised Neverland hooked viewers in with its dark premise, haunting visuals, equally terrifying antagonists, and the enduring spirit of the Grace Field kids as they tried to make their escape from their fate. The series was poised to continue its intense story after the end of Season 1, but it all went wrong in Season 2.

While it started off fine, viewers began to notice something was off with details and characters from the manga getting omitted as the anime went on, which only got worse as it even skipped highly anticipated story arcs. The anime rushed through over a hundred manga chapters of story content, making this highly anticipated season a massive disappointment for many. The Promised Neverland soared high only to faceplant straight down.

1 Bad Animation Made Berserk (2016) Unwatchable

Berserk 2016 Fight Scene

CGI in anime can be an acquired taste for many, and some have managed to make it work to their advantage. The same cannot be said of 2016’s continuation of Berserk. While its dark and heavy story was still very much present, the animation was ugly and janky, making it pretty much unwatchable.

What hurts the most about this one is there was a lot of hype for Berserk to get a new season since the late ’90s, and the movie retelling made that hype even stronger. But with two horribly animated seasons, any hope for more content from this epic dark fantasy pretty much evaporated into thin air.

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