10 Anime Kids Who Are Stronger Than Boruto

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Boruto can often feel overpowered in his own show compared to other ninja his age. That’s part of why the series keeps putting him up against bigger and bigger threats–he can blow past most threats, and even in the show they’ve remarked that his skills place him at close to a chunin level.

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Of course, just because he’s overpowered in his own series doesn’t mean he’s overpowered in every series. Despite Boruto’s experience in dealing with high-level opponents, if he steps outside of his own universe, he could find himself in some serious trouble, even against people around his age.

10 Yachiru Kusajishi Moves Faster Than Most Humans Can See (Bleach)

Bleach Yachiru

Yachiru is one of the strongest members of the Soul Society, serving as the lieutenant to Captain Kenpachi Zaraki of Squad 11. This is actually meant literally, as despite her tiny size she can easily pick up and carry her Captain with no problem. She also seemingly has access to flash step, which means she can move faster than most people can see, which would be more than enough to deal with all but the most powerful characters in Naruto. On top of that, she also has access to her Shikai, which creates a pair of beings that fight in conjunction with her, making every fight with her against three people.

9 Zatch Bell Is Capable Of Creating Massive Lightning Dragons (Zatch Bell)

Kiyomaro Takamine and Zatch Bell from Zatch Bell!

In conjunction with Kiyo, Zatch Bell would go from being a relative nobody to becoming the King of the Mamodo World. Zatch’s powers are lightning based, and they start out simply enough with just him firing lightning blasts from his mouth. Over time he gains a variety of abilities, including one that creates an actual turrent gun that can fire out blasts of lightning at multiple opponents at once. His best technique, though, is a literal lightning dragon that’s nearly impossible to stop, though it’s also equally difficult to aim.

8 Ginta Toramizu Has Access To A Variety Of Techniques Thanks To His Artifact Babbo (MAR)

Ginta Toramizu was a young nerd who was taken to another universe, where the difference in gravity made him far stronger than a normal human. In this new universe, Ginta finds himself asked to battle the Chess Army to protect an entire nation that suffered under them before. Fortunately, in addition to Ginta’s strength, he also has his magical partner Babbo to help him.

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Babbo has the ability to transform into a variety of different items, limited only by Ginta’s imagination. Ginta has transformed Babbo into eight different forms—but the most notable ones have been a girl capable of healing his injuries, and a giant gargoyle that fires massive energy beams from it’s mouth.

7 Negi Springfield Is Both A Magician And A Talented Martial Artist (Mahou Sensei Negima)

Negi Springfield

In Mahou Sensei Negima, Negi Springfield tasks himself with finding out what happened to his father at a young age, and by ten years old he’s already teaching a classroom of young girls. Negi’s a talented magician, but of course that doesn’t help in hand to hand combat, so he starts training under a martial arts master.

By the time he’s eleven years old, Negi has become a mage who can fight in close combat, actually using a style called Hakkesho which is similar to the Hyuga clan’s Gentle Fist style. He also has access to the Raiten Taiso, which helps him move with the speed of lightning itself, making him far too fast for Boruto to actually hit.

6 Nanoha Takamachi Can Output Attacks With The Power Of A Rasengan Several Times (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

Nanoha magic staff

Nanoha Takamachi learns more at the young age of 9 than many people in her universe do all their lives. She takes to magic fairly easily upon being granted the Raising Heart staff from her friend Yuuno, even surpassing him in raw power with ease only a few months after attaining that power. She has AAA class mana, which makes her special attack, Starlight Breaker, one of the most devastating attacks spells in the series.

This power easily matches what Boruto can put out with his Rasengan, and surpasses it because Nanoha can fire off multiple Starlight Breakers as needed. By the time she’s Boruto’s age, she’s saved the world multiple times and increased her mana class even further to S rank, turning her into one of the most helpful agents of the Administrative Bureau.

5 Aladdin Has Mastered All Forms Of Magic In His Universe (Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic)

The main character of Magi, Aladdin naturally has to be one of the strongest characters in the series. Even when he’s introduced, he’s ahead of most of the other mages he meets, but he trains in Magnostadt and becomes talented in multiple different forms of magic. Eventually, he even learns strength magic to cover up the usual magic user weakness of being a glass cannon.

Aladdin uses gravity magic to fly through the air; lightning, thunder, wind, and water magic to attack the opponent; and he can repel attacks using his strength magic. While most magicians are limited by their magic reserves, Aladdin’s connection to magoi in his world makes this more difficult, and even his stats describe him as having more magoi than is actually possible.

4 Yusuke Urameshi Has Access To A Powerful Demon Form And Can Destroy Forests With His Spirit Gun (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yusuke Urameshi might not be the most powerful kid, but he’s certainly the most dangerous. He’s never afraid to jump into combat with anyone, and offer up a little smack talk while he’s beating them down at the same time. That said, he was trained by Genkai, one of the greatest martial artists who ever lived and one of the winners of the previous Dark Tournaments, which means Yusuke has some skill to back up his trash talk.

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Yusuke is also a descendant of a demon king, which gives him access to greater reserves of reiki, complete with an upgrade to his Spirit Gun that lets him vaporize forests in his fight against Sensui. It’s safe to say he’s not one to be challenged.

3 Naruto Was Much Stronger Than His Son When He Was His Age (Naruto)

Yes, Naruto as a child is actually much stronger than Boruto. At least, he is after he’s been trained by Jiraiya. Before that point, the fact that no one spent time helping Naruto learn led to him being one of the weakest ninja in the series. But once certain ninja put the time in to helping him become more powerful, he quickly leapt over some of the most talented ninja of his generation. What helps Naruto be stronger than his son, even as a child, is the sheer amount of chakra he has access to. Boruto’s number of shadow clones is four even when he’s stretching himself; Naruto’s number of clones is seemingly unlimited.

2 Son Gohan Is Far Stronger Than Anyone In The Naruto Universe (Dragon Ball Z)

Is there any doubt about Gohan being stronger than Boruto? He was probably stronger than Boruto before he ever learned how to go Super Saiyan, since he was trading hands with enemies like Frieza, a being so powerful he had conquered entire planets and had a massive empire.

Before he was 14, Gohan learned not only how to go Super Saiyan, but achieved the level beyond Super Saiyan, a new power that allowed him to defeat both Perfect Cell and Super Perfect Cell. In the end, the only limitations to Gohan’s power were the ones he placed there himself, but he could beat Boruto without trying, and the ninja likely wouldn’t even know what happened.

1 Sasami Jurai Has The Power Of A Goddess Inside Her (Tenchi Muyo)

Sasami normally isn’t that much of a threat, and most of the time she’s actually the most normal of the young girls who come to live with Tenchi in the series. But there’s also the fact that Sasami merged with Tsunami, one of the Choushin, as a younger child. The Choushin are responsible for creating the entire universe, which not only puts Sasami well out of reach of Boruto, but everyone else on this list. With Tsunami’s power, she can summon the Tsunami-fune, a massive space ship that’s the most powerful spaceship in all of Jurai, an alien planet known for their incredible technology.

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