You Can Now Communicate With William Shatner Through Interactive AI

AbraxasOctober 10, 2021

After announcing his involvement with StoryFile in March, Star Trek legend William Shatner is helping the tech company launch StoryFile Life.

Star Trek legend William Shatner recently teamed up with technology company StoryFile to preserve his life story, and now the StoryFile Life platform he used is to record it is live.

“I recorded this so my children’s children can get to know me — You just press record yourself on any computer or phone and you or your loved ones’ stories become a living record,” the actor said of his experience with the new platform in a press release. “What might seem ordinary in life, becomes an extraordinary conversation you will have with future generations. That is the power of StoryFile.”

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StoryFile’s automatic AI-powered technology allows users to ask questions about Shatner’s life, experiences, passions and worldview in a life-like interactive conversation. The conversational video technology also enables anyone who signs up to preserve their own personal memories of loved ones and important life moments.

Shatner explained that, while recording his story he tried to be both authentic and truthful, noting, “I talked about flying. I talked about acting. I talked about dying. I talked about the family. I talked and talked about all the subjects I could think of. I just let it flow and try to give an idea of who I was and what I was and the arc of everything.”

The actor, who is also a part-owner of StoryFile, added that he actually learned a lot about himself while recording his answers. “I didn’t know it would be this way, but I got so much out of it too, examining things in my life I didn’t even think had meaning,” he said. “I got involved with StoryFile because of this experience, and I want everyone to be able to have this experience because everyone is unique, has lived a life, has walked across their own bed of nails to get here.”

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StoryFile Life currently offers a free account for all customers, which includes 33 free questions, unlimited conversations, and one-minute video answers, as well as the ability to share your stories on social platforms. StoryFile also offers packages starting as low as $1 per question, as well as $49 Story Packs, which include an additional 75 unique questions per pack.

StoryFile Co-Founder & CEO Heather Smith added, “StoryFile will be the way we tell the story of our lives and the world. We aim to enable 100 million people from all around the world to keep and share their memories. StoryFile Life means everyone everywhere can have a StoryFile, or give it as a gift to someone they love and want to treasure forever.”

The StoryFile Life premium package costs $499 and includes access to all 1600 questions, unlimited conversations, 5-minute video answers and more. More details about pricing and packages can be found on the StoryFile website.

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