The Walking Dead: 10 Greatest Romances, Ranked

AbraxasOctober 10, 2021

AMC’s post-apocalyptic adventure is still going strong after over ten years on screens, and while the zombies are initially the main attraction for many fans, the phenomenal cast of captivating characters is what has kept viewers tuning in every week.

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Fans care deeply for The Walking Dead’s survivors, and watching some of them fall in love has made for a beautiful contrast to all the death that has broken so many hearts within the show’s universe. From the very beginning, love was the driving force behind Rick’s journey. And although these romances haven’t always ended well, they’ve kept The Walking Dead high on the list of best TV thrillers for all of its 11 seasons.

10 Sasha And Abraham Seemed Destined To Be The Perfect Match

sasha and abraham sitting together the walking dead

Both Sasha and Abraham had seen love affairs prior to their entangling, but this fact actually served to heighten the significance when the two finally did appear to fall for each other.

It was a love affair that never got into full swing thanks to a few swings of a different kind. The wise-cracking, no-nonsense soldier seemed ready to settle down and commit himself to loving Sasha for the rest of his days. Sadly, his days were numbered, and his demise weighed so heavily on Sasha that it ultimately led her to her own death.

9 As Disturbing As Their Pairing Was, Alpha And Beta Made For A Great TV Couple

Certainly unconventional when it comes to the idea of romance, the skin-wearing snuggle buds are a far cry from most Walking Dead love affairs, yet Beta’s dedication to his woman has to be admired in some aspect.

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Of course, these are both incredibly unhinged people even in a world ruled by the dead, and Alpha and Beta’s relationship is unlikely to be used as a template by anyone looking to find their dream partner. Perhaps they’re just best left as proof that there really is a someone for everyone out there.

8 Dwight And Sherry Put Everything On The Line For Each Other

the walking dead dwight and sherry with daryl

Dwight and Sherry’s story is one drenched in tragedy and pain. After fans were introduced to the loving couple upon their chance encounter with Daryl, the pair’s next appearance would see Dwight as a horribly burned henchman to Negan, and Sherry participating in a forced marriage to the Saviors’ leader in order to keep her man alive.

It wouldn’t be all doom and gloom, though, as Sherry would escape and Dwight would receive some redemption upon betraying Negan. Dwight’s desperate search for his lost love would begin, and the dysfunctional pair can now be seen as series regulars on TWD’s spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead.

7 Aaron And Eric Felt Like A Wholesome, Real World Love Story

the walking dead aaron and eric embrace before erics death

The Walking Dead has done an excellent job with its representation of LGBTQ+ characters and their relationships. They avoid the kind of paper-thin stereotypes that Hollywood has often been guilty of in the past, and give audiences romances that feel fresh, intriguing, and most importantly, organic.

In a world of such death and destruction, Aaron and Eric’s relationship remains one of The Walking Dead’s most believable. Eric’s heartbreaking death and emergence as one of the undead helped cement Aaron as one of the show’s strongest and most well-developed characters.

6 Daryl Finally Found Happiness, If Only For A Short While

daryl leah the walking dead season 11

Fans had spent many hours debating Daryl’s potential love interests over the course of The Walking Dead’s first 9 seasons, from Beth to Carol to Connie. The crossbow king seemed terrified by affection, and with Norman Reedus’ character being such a fan favorite, viewers naturally wanted to see him coupled up.

Their wish came true in season 10 with the introduction of Leah. Their love affair was certainly a fascinating watch for a single flashback episode, but Leah’s return in season 11 has undoubtedly made things a lot more complicated for this pair of cabin crushes.

5 Rick Got Another Chance At Love With Michonne


In Robert Kirkman’s original comic, Rick Grimes ends up with Andrea. That will likely raise both eyebrows and illicit a slight feeling of disgust for fans who’ve only watched the TV adaptation.

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The Walking Dead’s Michonne is a world apart from the heavily disliked character played by Laurie Holden. And although her matching with Rick originally felt like something that happened purely out of necessity, their time together helped mold them into the power couple of the post-apocalyptic landscape. A tale far from over, time will tell if Rick and Michonne’s love affair is the real deal.

4 Carol Found A Much Better Man In King Ezekiel


In terms of characters deserving a chance at love, Carol Peletier was up there with the little Dixon brother when it came to being unjustly lonesome. After suffering an abusive husband for years, Carol finally settled down for a little while and became Queen of The Kingdom.

Ezekiel’s theatrics and natural charisma clearly caught Carol’s eye, and while their romance didn’t last as long as many may have liked, seeing Carol happy in love made for a wholesome, heartwarming watch.

3 Negan And Lucille’s Is The Love Story Fans Didn’t Know The Walking Dead Needed

The Walking Dead - Negan and Lucille

The fact that Negan and Lucille’s story is told across one single episode speaks volumes not only about the exceptional quality of that hour of television but also how deeply emotional the couple’s romance really is.

This episode shed away all the horrendous acts of Negan’s past, and for a short time, fans simply got to see a humble man fighting to keep his wife alive. Arguably no backstory in The Walking Dead works as much wonder for a single character, and thanks to this glimpse into the life of the woman behind the name, Negan’s baseball bat tells a vastly different tale upon a rewatch of the show.

2 Rick’s Search For Lori Is What Started It All

rick lori grimes walking dead

The relationship between Rick and Lori was The Walking Dead’s original love story and one that served as the driving force behind most of the show for its entire first two seasons. What made AMC’s hit show so captivating in its early stages was one man’s unrelenting pursuit in reuniting himself with his family. Rick Grimes would have given anything for Lori and Carl, and though things were never simple between husband and wife, Lori’s death left a hole in Officer Friendly that took years to fill.

Rick may have found some happiness later in life, but surely nothing could ever replace those happy pre-apocalypse days in King County with his wife and son.

1 Maggie And Glenn Formed TWD’s Greatest Romance, And Their’s Will Likely Never Be Topped

After meeting on the Greene family farm way back in season 2, Glenn and Maggie’s hook-up was largely down to the fact there were very few options in terms of suitable romantic partners for either party. However, lust quickly turned to love, and the pizza delivery boy and the farmer’s daughter blossomed into The Walking Dead’s finest love story.

Of course, it came to a most tragic end once the pair was introduced to the incomparable Negan Smith and his rather thirsty baseball bat Lucille. The couple’s legacy lives on in Alexandria, however, through their young and admirably optimistic son Hershel.

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