She-Venom Was a More Tragic Symbiote Host Than Eddie Brock

AbraxasOctober 10, 2021

The woman who became the first She-Venom had a relationship with Eddie Brock and suffered the most tragic fate of any symbiote host.

Eddie Brock is the most well-known iteration of Venom, but he isn’t the symbiote’s only host. Venom has had several different human hosts throughout the years, some of whom are particularly close to Brock. One such host was Anne Weying, Eddie’s ex-wife who is best portrayed by Michelle Williams in the Venom films.

Anne’s history in the comics, like the movies, involved her breaking up with Eddie, but her interaction with Venom and her ultimate fate were grisly. Instead of embracing the power of the symbiote, Anne’s traumatic experiences as the Bride of Venom led to a very permanent end.

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The Birth of Marvel’s First She-Venom

Venom Hosts Ann Weying

David Michelinie and Mark Bagley created Anne Weying, who debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #375. She was a lawyer who had fallen in love with Eddie Brock when he led her to believe that he had saved her from attackers. This saw them eventually marry, with Brock becoming a respected journalist. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last, as Eddie began a downward psychological spiral following his sloppy journalism being revealed by Spider-Man. Infuriated by Eddie’s lack of responsibility, Anne divorced him.

Anne would be vital to Spider-Man learning more about Eddie after Brock had been exposed to an alien symbiote and become the villainous Venom. She eventually convinced him to give up his vendetta against the web-slinging wall-crawler, but this wasn’t the end of her relationship with Venom. Anne and her firm were targeted by the new Sin-Eater, with Anne suffering potentially fatal gunshot wounds. She bonded with the Venom symbiote to survive, using its power to defend against a group of thugs threatening her and Eddie. This altercation, which led to Anne violently responding to their threats, marked the beginning of the end for Eddie’s former wife.

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The Death of Marvel’s First She-Venom

This horrifying situation was made worse when Eddie told Anne that the symbiote couldn’t make its host do something that they truly didn’t wish to, meaning that Anne’s murder of the thugs was birthed from her own desires. Unfortunately for Anne, the symbiote would soon bond to her again when she was kidnapped by a woman affected by Venom’s rampages. Becoming She-Venom again, Anne and the symbiote almost ate the woman before brutally fighting off the Sin-Eater again.

Her history with Venom would later see Anne arrested, although Venom learned that he could transmit the symbiote through phone lines and allow her to become She-Venom again. After going on another violent escapade, she returned the symbiote to Eddie and asked that he stay out of her life, claiming that the man she once loved was gone and consumed by a monster. She also became pregnant through mysterious means, giving birth to her son Dylan and giving him to Eddie’s father, Carl.

Anne’s fear of the Venom symbiote would only increase, with her refusing to leave her house due to the paranoia that the alien creature would return and forcibly bond with her again. This was made worse when she saw Spider-Man wearing his black suit, only for Eddie to turn into Venom and chase after him. This mentally broke Anne down completely, and in desperation, she committed suicide by jumping off her rooftop in Amazing Spider-Man #19 (by Howard Mackie, Erik Larsen and John Beatty). This tragic death has remained the status quo for over twenty years, with the character never really mentioned since. Neither Eddie or Dylan seem to remember her very often, which is unfortunate given all that she went through. As much as the Venom symbiote may sometimes throw Eddie’s life into disarray, it had a permanently awful effect on the life of Anne Weying.

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