There’s Someone Inside Your House Ending, Explained: Who’s the Killer – and Why?

AbraxasOctober 9, 2021

Let’s dive into the bloody conclusion in Netflix’s There’s Someone Inside Your House to see who’s the sadistic slasher and what are their motives.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for There’s Someone Inside Your House, now streaming on Netflix.

In Netflix’s There’s Someone Inside Your House, Makani and her high-school friends in a small Nebraska town find themselves hunted by a mysterious killer. The slasher’s been going after victims systematically, wearing 3-D printouts of their faces before murdering them and spilling their deepest, darkest secrets to the public. It’s akin to Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, which leads to a brutal finale where the murderer finally exposes themselves and reasons for the attacks.

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How Does Makani Find the Villain?

Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix's There's Someone Inside Your House

The slasher murdered the likes of Jackson and Rodrigo but failed to burn Makani alive. Thanks to Alex’s intervention, Makani’s saved, fingering her ex, Ollie, as the attacker. This leads to a corn harvest festival where the town tries to rebound from the crimson wave that swept them all up recently, but Makani’s still worried.

The killer outed her past after she almost killed a girl, Jasmine, in a hazing accident. She ultimately finds herself doubting that the reclusive Ollie is to blame. It comes full-circle when the killer stabs Caleb, the gay football player, and tries to frame Makani for it at their school. A freshly-released Ollie rescues her, and as Caleb recovers in the hospital, they realize the festival’s the real target.

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Who’s The Sadistic Slasher in There’s Someone Inside Your House?

Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix's There's Someone Inside Your House

The slasher lights the cornfields afire, trapping drunk students inside partaking in the debauchery. Makani’s team knows they’ll all be sitting ducks, plus they want to rescue their friend, Zachariah, who’s trying to save his evil businessman dad, Skipper, from being engulfed in the flames. They plow their car through the field to create a path out for the students, leading to Makani and Ollie confronting the killer.

The slasher’s wearing Skipper’s mask and despite being interrupted by the teens, he plunges a sword through the head of a begging Skipper. Makani and Ollie are stunned as the unmasking reveals Zach’s the murderer. He’s pissed, though, as they ruined his big speech to teach his dad a lesson, lunging at them.

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Why Did Zach Go On His Murder Spree?

Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix's There's Someone Inside Your House

Ollie’s taser doesn’t work so Zach stabs him and then proceeds to spill his plan to Makani. He hates the town for being hypocrites, acting self-righteous when they all wear masks and pretend to be good. It’s why he killed Jackson for being a bully, Rodrigo for being a junkie and Skipper for using capitalism as an excuse to buy out the town’s farms. As for Makani, Zach hates how she pretends to be good when she changed her identity and fled her past.

As for the remedy, Zach believes the town needs a purge. To make it worse, seeing as Skipper kept Nazi memorabilia and was a low-key white supremacist, Zach has grown angry he was judged on entitlement and privilege he never asked for. Thus, he wants to use it in his own warped way to clean their home up while having some fun along the way.

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How Does Makani Stop Zach?

Zachariah kills everyone in Netflix's There's Someone Inside Your House

As Zach waxes on, Ollie, clinging to life, pulls the taser on him and this distracts the tyrant long enough for Makani to use the blade from the Caleb framing to impale Zach. She lectures him about how she doesn’t need a mask to show him his reflection, as he was a monster pretending to be their friend, and stabs him in the torso to finish the job.

The film ends with Makani and Ollie recovering, going to prom and all her friends graduating weeks later. They move on to dream schools, while Makani calls Jasmine to apologize once more for being out of touch. Makani gives the valedictorian’s speech, reciting poetry to remind them despite their damaged youth, they all have bright futures ahead to end the movie.

See how Makani stops the slasher in There’s Someone Inside Your House, now streaming on Netflix.

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