Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Star Anson Mount Wants To Play Green Lantern in Gritty Reboot

AbraxasOctober 9, 2021

As Christopher Pike, captain of the USS Enterprise, Anson Mount is no stranger to outer space, at least on television (turn to the Captain Kirk star for real-life space travel). He’s no stranger to superheroes after playing Black Bolt in Marvel’s The Inhumans (even though he would have preferred to play a particular X-Men character). He’s joining a version of the DC Universe as the voice of Batman in DC’s Injustice movie, based on the brutal, violent Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. Mount would like to bring some of that tone to a new screen adaptation of DC’s spacefaring hero Green Lantern. It’d be a different direction than Ryan Reynolds’ more comedic tone from the 2011 movie.

“Well, they already did Green Lantern so I’m not sure I’m gonna get to do that,” Mount told ScreenRant when asked about a live-action DC role he’d like to play. “But I have always marveled at why — that project was in development for so long and I did always wonder why it was assumed that it should be a comedy. I’m not sure not I quite get that, it’s a much more robust, at times darker, story than that.”

Despite being a flop when it opened in theaters, Reynolds’ Green Lantern became one of the most-streamed movies on Netflix when it came to the streaming service in September. Even director Martin Campbell has said that maybe he shouldn’t have been the one to bring Green Lantern to the big screen.

“[Y]ou know what? The film did not work, really,” Campbell told ScreenRant in August. “That’s the point, and I’m partly responsible for that. I shouldn’t have done it. Because with something like Bond — I love Bond, and I watched every Bond film before I ever directed it. Superhero movies are not my cup of tea, and for that reason, I shouldn’t have done it. But directors always have to carry the can for the failures. What do they say? Success has many fathers, failure has one. And that’s me.” Campbell also said that he’s likely to stay away from the superhero genre in the future.

Meanwhile, DC and Warner Bros. are taking another shot at adapting Green Lantern with the upcoming Green Lantern Corps series on HBO Max. Rather than focusing on Hal Jordan, the series cast Emmy nominee Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner, a much rougher around the edges human Lantern. Maybe if they decide to bring in Jordan, they can give Mount a call, though he’s likely tied up with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Injustice will release on home media on October 19th.

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