Justice League Reveals Why Wonder Woman Fell for Darkseid in DC’s Wildest World

AbraxasOctober 9, 2021

Justice League Infinity continues to show how bizarre the multiverse really is, but how did Darkseid and Wonder Woman become lovers in the DCAU?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League Infinity #4, on sale now from DC Comics.

Some romances come out of nowhere. While attractions between certain characters may have been teased over a long period of time, others are so shocking that they can leave an audience wondering where on Earth that came from. The latter is on full display on the cover of Justice League Infinity #4, as Wonder Woman and Darkseid share an intimate scene on the comic stands. But how did such an unexpected romance come about in the first place?

In the previous issue, Diana was whisked away from the League by the same force that has been causing chaos throughout the DC Animated Universe’s newly discovered multiverse. Having found herself on a barren world, she had some unexpected company in the form of Darkseid. However, he isn’t even remotely antagonistic towards his old foe in Justice League Infinity #4 by J.M. DeMatteis, James Tucker, Ethen Beavers, Nick Filardi and AW’s DC Hopkins. In fact, he’s happy to see her.

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It doesn’t take long for Diana to realize that she’s in another universe. This fact is made especially clear when she sees that Darkseid has a statue of her in his lonely cave. The ruthless villain shows his enemy what became of Apokolips in this reality – nothing but a barren lifeless wasteland. Though this universe devoid of life predictably started with a war, it didn’t end with one.

Darkseid’s quest for the Anti-Life Equation brought him to Earth, as it so often does, and he went up against the Justice League. Whilst most conflicts between Apokolips and Earth’s heroes battle it out until there’s one obvious victor, this universe’s Wonder Woman saw a different end to this conflict. She made Darkseid see that if they kept fighting then both sides would lose and everyone, regardless of which side they were on, would perish.

Strangely enough, he agreed to a truce and the conflict ended. Then, even more interesting still, Wonder Woman came to Apokolips. Like she initially did for the Amazons and the World of Man, she acted as an ambassador of peace between Earth and Apokolips. Whilst at first Darkseid found the pacifist in a warrior’s body confounding, he also found that aspect of her attractive too. Rather than treat Darkseid like an enemy, Diana showed him the same compassion she shows everyone else. Slowly but surely she broke down his tough facade and they began discussing deep philosophical topics. Most important of all though, she changed the despot’s mind on existence needing to be torturous and showing him how to love.

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Not only did Diana become an ally to Darkseid through this act, but she also made him fall in love with her. To his shock, and surely everyone else’s, she fell in love with him too. Part of why this shocking development takes place is because this is the DCAU’s Darkseid. Though the Justice League cartoon, and the DCAU as a whole, has dealt with heavier topics from time to time, it’s still kept an overall lighter tone suitable for families.

The Darkseid in the comics has an entirely different nature to the Darkseid here. This version tragically ended his world by unleashing the Anti-Life Equation. Whilst that force of nature lives inside this DCAU iteration, the Darkseid of the comics is himself a force of nature. After Infinite Frontier restored the history of the DC Universe, all of Darkseid’s past incarnations amalgamated into a force of destruction that exceeded the might of the DCU’s most powerful cosmic beings.

The fact that the DCAU’s Darkseid is just a person, not an unstoppable cosmic force like in the comics, is the reason why this sort of story can happen in Justice League Infinity. Wonder Woman can appeal to his humanity because he has humanity. There’s no way she could teach him how to love in the DCU – not when he’s the embodiment of Anti-Life.

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