Dragon Ball Super: 5 Things We Want For Pan In Super Hero (& 4 For Piccolo)

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The latest extension to Akira Toriyama’s popular shonen universe, Dragon Ball Super, has only managed to create greater excitement for the long-running anime series. There are hundreds of episodes in the various Dragon Ball anime series, but another popular tradition has always been to tell more grandiose stories through a series of movies. Dragon Ball Super has kept this trend going as a way to continue the anime’s story.

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Details for the newest cinematic adventure, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, have emerged, and it looks as if Goku and Vegeta won’t dominate the narrative and be the centerpieces like they often are. Two of Dragon Ball’s characters who are used to fulfilling a supporting presence, Pan and the powerful Namekian Piccolo, will be front and center in Super Hero, which holds the potential for some exciting developments.

9 Pan: To Become A Super Saiyan

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Pan Training

Dragon Ball audiences have been eager to see Pan turn into a Super Saiyan for decades, as far back as Dragon Ball GT. At the time, a female Super Saiyan was uncharted territory, but Kale and Caulifla have opened up the doors in this regard, and it’s suddenly not as much of a schism to picture Pan in this light. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero appears to be heavily focused on Piccolo training Pan, so it’d be quite inspirational if their time together could culminate in her reaching this milestone, whether through his teachings or to help save him. Granted, Pan is still quite young, but she’s also flown around the Earth as an infant.

8 Piccolo: He Gets To Defeat The Big Villain Instead Of Goku

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Vegeta Pink Badman Shirt

There’s no question that Goku is Dragon Ball’s main character and the individual who’s been with the series the longest, but fans have definitely gotten tired of how he’s always the one who gets to save the day or eliminate the new villain in the case of the series’ movies. Production on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been upfront about how Piccolo plays a major role in the movie and that Goku won’t be as central. It’d be nice if the movie could fully embrace this idea and allow Piccolo and Pan to be the heroes and that Goku gets to play the proud role of support. It’s long overdue.

7 Pan: She Becomes Piccolo’s Dedicated Pupil

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Piccolo Shocked

One of the biggest surprises to come out of Dragon Ball is how the bitter rival of Goku, Piccolo, has not only become one of the Saiyan’s closest friends, but also a mentor figure to his son, Gohan. Piccolo’s influence on Gohan is invaluable, and so it’s really sweet to think that Gohan would go on to trust his own daughter to Piccolo.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero features Pan as Piccolo’s pupil, and the young character has never been properly given a training arc in the past. The Namekian’s effect on Pan should be a highlight of the film.

6 Piccolo: More Of His Home Life Gets Shown

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Piccolo House

The glimpses of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero have been brief, but one significant piece of footage is a look at Piccolo’s home. This shouldn’t come as such a revelation, but Piccolo is oddly a character in Dragon Ball who almost seems like he wouldn’t use something as necessary as a house. He even appears to have a mailbox, which must mean that someone sends him letters. Action will surely be the priority in Super Hero, but some smaller slice-of-life antics that focus on Piccolo outside of battle would be fantastic.

5 Pan: To Defeat The Red Ribbon Army

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Red Ribbon Goon

Sometimes the villains in Dragon Ball just can’t take a hint, and they repeatedly come back, stronger than before, but are still ultimately inferior to Goku and company. The Red Ribbon Army has been a dangerous militaristic force ever since the original Dragon Ball series. They’ve taken a backseat for many years, but they appear to be back with powerful resources in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. There’d be such a sweet circle of life quality if Pan could go on to take out the army, just like her grandfather did when he was still just a child. Pan’s father even has ties taking out the organization if his defeat of Cell is viewed as the destruction of their resources.

4 Piccolo: He Develops A New Technique

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Piccolo Suspicious

Dragon Ball Super hasn’t struggled when it comes to new transformations and techniques for its Saiyan characters, but the rest of the cast have experienced less direct growth when it comes to their arsenal of energy attacks. Piccolo’s contributions to the battlefield are brief enough that it’s possible that he’s developed a new technique that nobody knows about.

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Piccolo’s existing techniques are all impressive, but Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a strong opportunity for him to master something even stronger and more memorable, especially if he’s a main part of the movie.

3 Pan: She Learns The Special Beam Cannon Or Kamehameha

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Energy Wave Attack

It’s clear that Pan trains under Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but the extent of his teachings isn’t yet clear. The character may just grow more powerful or perhaps bloom into a Super Saiyan, but it’d also be a nice touch if Piccolo entrusts her with his signature attack. The Special Beam Cannon remains a fairly rare technique, and it’d make a big impact if Pan picks up the ability in the movie. Even her learning the Kamehameha in Super Hero would be significant.

2 Piccolo: He Lives Up To The Name Of “Grandpa Piccolo”

dragon ball piccolo pan

There are such entertaining and diverse characters featured throughout Dragon Ball, which makes it a big deal when new pairings are explored. Piccolo and Pan as a duo is an appealing concept due to the history that exists between Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku. Piccolo helping out Pan with martial arts is one matter, but it’s also significant to just watch them bond on a personal level. Dragon Ball Super refers to the Namekian as “Uncle Piccolo” and this movie seems to extend beyond that to “Grandpa Piccolo.” Any development on this front is absolutely appreciated.

1 Pan: She Gets To Fight Alongside Her Father

Anime Dragon Ball Adult Gohan Videl Baby Pan

At one point Gohan is the strongest character in Dragon Ball, and he’s a satisfying successor to his father, Goku. Gohan grows a little rusty in his training and he’s still incredibly powerful in Dragon Ball Super, but not nearly on the same level as Goku or Vegeta. Accordingly, it’s exciting to see Pan not necessarily follow in her father’s footsteps and that Piccolo even takes charge of her training. It would make such an impact if Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero could allow Pan and Gohan to fight together or share the final attack, possibly with Piccolo also present.

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