Before What If: Who Were Marvel’s Original Guardians of the Multiverse?

AbraxasOctober 9, 2021

The Guardians of the Multiverse just became the latest superstars of the MCU, but they aren’t the first interdimensional heroes What If… assembled.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for What If…? Season 1, Episode 9, “What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?,” streaming now on Disney+.

The Guardians of the Multiverse have taken the Marvel Multiverse by storm. The season finale to What If…? assembled a ragtag group of interdimensional heroes to save the Multiverse, but they aren’t the first Watcher-assembled group to do that. In the “Timequake” comic book storyline, What If… assembled a team of multiversal heroes called the “Time-Plucked Titans.”

Brought together by Immortus in a bid to disrupt the Time-Keepers’ efforts. Eventually, they would be turned against Immortus by Uatu once the situation had become dire enough to necessitate the Watcher’s direct intervention in 1992’s What If? #39, by Roy Thomas and Gavin Curtis.

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The Fantastic Five’s Doctor Doom

What If Doctor Doom Fantastic Five

Though this Victor Von Doom of Earth 772 first appeared in 1980’s What If? #21 by Bill Mantlo and Gene Colan, it was in 1992’s What If? #35 by Roy Thomas, R.J.M. Lofficier and Joe Phillips that his story took its wildest turn. This Doom’s life was much the same as his primary timeline counterpart, at least up until the point that Spider-Man replaced Sue Storm on the Fantastic Four. Following a defeat at the heroes’ hands, largely thanks to Spider-Man’s part in the battle, Doctor Doom found himself manipulated by the enigmatic Whisperer into rescuing his old foes. This kicked off the “Timequake” event which saw Doom teamed up with some of the Multiverse’s other most incredible figures.

What If’s Vampire Wolverine

What If Wolverine Vampire

First introduced in 1992’s What If? #37 by Roy Thomas and Mark Pacella, the Wolverine of Earth-9250 had been transformed into a vampire by Dracula himself before killing the Lord of the Vampires and claiming the title as his own. After taking over New York City with his vampiric army, Wolverine’s reign was opposed by all manner of demonic forces, though he wouldn’t get the chance to battle them all.  This Wolverine was soon enough whisked away from his own world by the Whisperer, actually Immortus in disguise, to join the Doom of Earth 772 in rescuing the Nexus of yet another alternate reality. Of course, his was all part of an even larger plot, one that required far more than just two superpowered agents to carry out.

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Irondroid of What If’s Cosmic Avengers

What If Irondroid

William March, first seen in 1992’s What If? #36 by Roy Thomas, R.J.M. Lofficier and Dave Hoover, joined his Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as the Irondroid following the original Iron Man’s death in the midst of a conflict between Kree and Skrull forces. Despite not having any powers of his own, William proved to be a more than capable member of the Cosmic Avengers, who were then battling Korvac and his mind-controlled Guardians of the Galaxy. When Irondroid was plucked from the timestream, he was initially just as confused as the other displaced figures he found himself alongside, though things came into focus soon enough.

What If’s Doomed Thor

What If Thor

1992’s What If? #38 by Roy Thomas and Marshall Rogers introduced a world where the Egyptian god Set had conquered Asgard, leading to an all-out war on Earth that will soon enough destroy the planet entirely. While this would suit the Time-Keeper’s needs by removing the final Nexus which they deemed a threat to the whole of reality, Immortus sent his assembled version of Doom, Wolverine and Irondroid to help Thor rescue Odin and saving their world. With Odin saved, Immortus revealed himself and the true nature of his scheme to the heroes. It was then that they realized they had been tricked into helping him erase the Time-Keepers by saving those dangerous Nexi, as well as when the TVA stepped in to force Uatu’s hand in fixing the problem.

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