Aqualad Emoji Leads To Speculation He’s In Aquaman Sequel

AbraxasOctober 9, 2021

Is Aqualad going to be introduced to the DC Movie Universe? DC fans are buzzing with speculation that it’s happening after an Aqualad Emoji started appearing on social media in the last day or so. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman movie sequel – Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – is currently in production, and the theory is that DC and Warner Bros. released this Aqualad Emoji in order to establish the character’s presence before his big debut in Aquaman 2 next year. Aqualad’s star has risen pretty high in the last few decades, and it seems like he’s long overdue for the big screen. 

Check out what DC fans are saying about the possibility of Aqualad in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Who Is Aqualad?

The question “Who Is Aqualad?” actually has something of a complicated answer. There have multiple versions of the character in different formats that have each become popular. Aquaman 2 has some critical choices to make…


Jackson Hyde FTW

The modern Aqualad is Jackson Hyde, aka Kaldur’ahm. He’s gained mainstream fame thanks to DC Animated series Young Justice, his openly LGBTQ+ status, and has being upgraded to the title of Aquaman in the comics. Giving Jackson Hyde a movie adaptation seems a logical next step – and a smart one for the Aquaman movie franchise. Kaldur is both the son of Black Manta and connected to Mera, making him a perfect fit for the film series’ Shakespearean family drama.


It’s Gotta Be Garth

The original Aqualad who debuted in 1960s DC Comics was “Garth.” Aquaman‘s original plucky sidekick later evolved in the hero Tempest, developing mystical abilities suited for his Atlantean world. While Jackson has the advantage of recent popularity, die-hard DC fans may be hoping Aquaman 2 honors the character’s history in proper order…


Need This Scene!

The Young Justice story arc that saw (Spoilers) Jackson’s Aqualad go undercover as Black Manta’s (his father) protege was too good not to use in a live-action movie.


The Kaldur Supremacy

No offense to Garth, but the momentum is clearly with Kaldur / Jackson right now.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be in theaters on December 16, 2022.


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