Agatha Harkness’ Spinoff Can Bring an Underrated Marvel Team to the MCU

AbraxasOctober 9, 2021

Agatha Harkness is set to get her own spinoff, which may end up featuring an all-female team she joined in the comics.

With Agatha Harkness set to receive her own spinoff series, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One such possibility includes bringing a less well-known all-female superhero team into the fray.

Agatha, as well as several other major Phase Four female characters, have previously teamed up in the comics. The Daughters of Liberty were originally formed as the Daughters of Light, a group of women that existed in Europe during the late 18th century. They spoke out for freedom and were beheaded as a result, with only one escaping to the colonies. There the Daughters of Liberty were born as guardians protecting knowledge.

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Agatha joined the Daughters and trained them in magic. The leader of the Daughters was referred to as the Dryad, with different women taking the mantle over the years. Peggy Carter joined during the mid-20th century and eventually ascended to the current Dryad. She took part in the Daughters’ mission to protect freedom by making sure the Super-Soldier Serum didn’t fall into wrong hands, falling in love with Steve Rogers in the process.

Agatha and Peggy aren’t the only Phase 4 characters that are part of the Daughters. Echo, Sharon Carter, Shuri and Black Widow were all part of the modern-day group whose mission was to exonerate Captain America after he was accused of murdering General Thaddeus Ross. Although she hasn’t been seen since the end of the Marvel Netflix shows, Misty Knight was also a member of the group in the comics and a potential live-action take on the Daughters could be the MCU’s reason to reintroduce her.

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Yelena is likely going to take up the Black Widow mantle in honor of her sister, meaning all four Daughters will appear within the MCU. And while no release date has been set for Captain America 4, Sharon may be left out of the group considering her current villainous intentions not being resolved. The others could make cameo or guest appearances as members of the Daughters of Liberty if the show decides to go that route.

If the MCU integrates the Daughters of Liberty as a society dating back to the 18th century, it could connect Agatha to it as a member who possibly left the group after a falling out or to pursue the Darkhold. Even with Captain America “dead,” a murder allegation could come up against him that the Daughters have to prove false. Peggy is unlikely to make a re-appearance as she did in the comics, though, meaning someone else would have to be the Dryad and lead the group.

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Cue Agatha, who would likely become the leader as the star of the show. Agatha has only been shown as a villain so far, but the show could display her more heroic side if she tries to exonerate Captain America. With no real details about the show being known, it’s possible the show could take place before the events of WandaVision. Agatha could form the Daughters of Liberty with another group of female heroes that predate even Captain Marvel.

No matter the time and place the show is set in, introducing the Daughters of Liberty could give Agatha companions while also exploring more of her past and what she did before entering Westview. Having originally been part of a coven, it makes sense that Agatha would seek out another group of women to be a part of. There’s also the option of Agatha forming or joining the Daughters of Liberty as a way to take down the Scarlet Witch. Agatha could spin that the Scarlet Witch stands in the way of freedom with her reality-warping abilities, making her a target of the Daughters. Whatever the goal of the Daughters, their appearance in Agatha’s show would raise it to a new level.

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