A Marvel Symbiote Superpower May Change Venom 2’s Post-Credits Reveal

AbraxasOctober 9, 2021

The Maker has noted that the Ultimate Universe Venom symbiote has multiversal properties, a power that just showed up in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Marvel’s Venom and other symbiotes like him are known for having a vast array of powers, making them and their hosts virtually unstoppable to most humans. These powers include shapeshifting, superhuman physical faculties and a myriad of other useful skills utilized by Venom and Carnage. One version of Venom, however, has a power that might influence the Venom and Spider-Man movies going forward.

The Maker has noted that the Ultimate Universe Venom symbiote has multiversal properties, a power that just showed up in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. This could affect not only the powers of the symbiotes in the comic books, but also how they affect future live-action movies. Here’s a look at how the different comic book Venoms influenced the powers shown in the movies and what this means for the burgeoning cinematic Spiderverse.

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Powers of the Venom Symbiote

Venom Carnage Beyond

The gooey Venom symbiote is most known for being able to contort and extend its mass in whatever way it sees fit, even without a host to bond to yet. It can mimic a humanoid frame and typically manifests eyes and a fanged face, as well as tentacles or tendrils with which to interact with its environment.

Once bonded to a host, its powers include vastly improving their strength and physical faculties to far beyond superhuman levels. This was especially the case for the burly Brock, who was already a bulky bodybuilder. They can also take on and augment other attributes of their hosts. The host and the symbiote can communicate with each other mentally, as well as draw off of each other’s memories and experiences. The one major drawback is that symbiotes are weak to loud sounds, with piercing melodies causing them to leave their host in pain.

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Ultimate Venom

While it’s mostly very similar to the 616 version, the Venom symbiote of the Ultimate Universe differed in some key ways. Instead of being an alien symbiote, it was an experiment created on Earth by Peter Parker and Eddie Brock’s fathers. They created the creature with the intent of making a biological “suit” that would heal its wearer from disease and protect them from harm. Unfortunately, Richard Parker died before it could truly be perfected, and it was designed in its prototype stage to only work for his DNA.

Due to this, the suit mutates when Eddie Brock gets a hold of it, turning into the monstrous Venom. This version of Venom had to constantly feed on living tissue of others in order to counteract the fact that it was also consuming its host, who was not biologically compatible with it. Likewise, instead of sound, this symbiote has a weakness for to fire.

The suit in the Venom movies has mostly been based on the mainstream version of the symbiote, but its need to feed and its weakness to fire was taken from the Ultimate Universe. This could see the movie truly utilize one of Ultimate Venom’s most overlooked powers.

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Into the Venomverse

Venom 2 Introduce Spider-Man Feature Image Tom Holland With Venom And Carnage

In Venom #20, The Maker — the now villainous version of the Ultimate Universe’s version of Reed Richards — acquires the Venom symbiote. He mentions that it almost seems to be tailor-made to help with multiversal travel, which explains why Maker was able to do such a task so easily with the symbiote in his possession.

This does seem strange considering that the Ultimate symbiote was made on Earth and isn’t an alien, but it also makes sense. Given that it’s designed to heal and protect its user, the symbiote protecting them from the rigors of interdimensional travel just makes sense. This could also back up the symbiote in Venom: Let There Be Carnage stating that it has knowledge of various different worlds. The creators of the movie likely had knowledge of this recent revelation in the comics about Ultimate Venom, given that Cates and Stegman, the recent run’s creators, were thanked in the credits.

As mentioned, the movie Venom symbiote has some elements of the Ultimate Venom, so interdimensional properties could be one of these powers. If this power ends up extending to all symbiotes going forward, it also opens the door to more multiversal adventures. After all, some already believe that Spider-Man’s new suit in No Way Home has ties to the symbiotes, and given that movie’s multiversal story, it could end up being the case. Whether or not traveling throughout the dimensions remains a power of the symbiotes in the comics or the movies, however, remains to be seen.

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