The Boys Debuts an Electrifying New Supe – Meet Livewire

AbraxasOctober 8, 2021

The series’ Vought News Network show, “Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman,” introduces another shocking new supe ahead of its Season 3 release.

The Boys third season promises to deliver plenty of new supes for fans to enjoy on screen, and the series’ Vought News Network just introduced its latest addition.

In the October 2021 episode of “Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman,” recent fictional news updates included Starlight going back to using her original Season 1 suit, Black Noir chasing after a homicidal hitchhiker and Stormfront having sparked a movement that will not back down, called the “Stormchasers.” Stormfront was Season 2’s lightning-charged antagonist who developed a relationship with the series’ main villain, Homelander, and used social media and fear to drum up public support for her views and goals. While her Season 3 status is shrouded in mystery after she was given a fate worse than death by being on the receiving end of Ryan’s (Homelander’s son) heat vision, it seems another electrified supe will be joining the series in the upcoming season.

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Coleman introduced the audience to newcomer, Livewire, the photo showing him as a charged-up hero with electrical abilities. While this Livewire shares no relation to the Livewire featured in the CW’s Supergirl, the story revolves around the new supe saving Halloween by tracking down a methamphetamine ring that was using children’s candy, specifically “Sour Supes,” to traffic its drugs. The news segment ends with Coleman insisting that the confiscated drugs were disposed of at a nearby Vought chemical facility, and that Livewire made it in time to host a Halloween event for children named “All Treats, No Tricks.”

The appearance of Livewire marks another instance of a new supe introduced through the Vought News Network. The previous September 2021 Seven on 7 video introduced Moonshadow, a west coast-based hero, with Coleman saying that she would be featured on the cover of Vought Sports’ “Annual Super Swimsuit Spectacular Issue.” As opposed to Livewire, who was only shown in still images, the segment featured actual video of Moonshadow, though there was no audio.

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The one character first seen through the news network, who was known to be joining the series beforehand was Starlight’s ex-boyfriend, Supersonic. The August 2021 segment revealed that Supersonic used to go by the name Drummer Boy, Starlight’s boyfriend in the original comics. In The Boys #15, their relationship ended after Starlight caught him cheating on her with another Young Americans team member, Holy Mary. Portrayed by Miles Gaston Villanueva, Supersonic’s involvement in season three was first reported in June, though his being Starlight’s ex-boyfriend was not confirmed until the news segment.

Other new supes confirmed for Season 3 of The Boys are Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and the Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden), the series’ twists on Captain America and Scarlet Witch, respectively. While the series’ upcoming season has no official release date, it was reported that it would debut towards the middle of 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

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