Overlord: 5 Comic Book Heroines Albedo Could Defeat (And 5 She Would Lose To)

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Isekai anime is a genre that has bloomed over the past years, exploring the potential of traveling to different worlds in various ways. In Overlord, the main character – originally known as Momonga – finds himself stuck in a world that’s identical to the game YGGDRASIL. All his human friends are gone, and his sole companions are the NPCs that served his guild. He takes on a new name, that of his guild, Ainz Ooal Gown.

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As it turns out, Ainz isn’t the only one who changes. The NPCs act on their own, though always with the desire to assist their ruler. Some of them have become very popular with the fans. The succubus Albedo is a very powerful fighter. Shalltear Bloodfallen surpasses her as a pure warrior, but Albedo’s defense skills are superior to those of every other NPC inhabiting the Tomb of Nazarick. Skilled in magic, incredibly strong, and equipped with the powerful Hermes Trismegistus armor, she would be a threat to many popular comic book heroines.

10 Would Defeat: Batwoman’s Gadgets And Martial Arts Are No Match For Albedo

The role of DC‘s Batwoman has been occupied by more than one person since its creation. Kate Kane is the current Batwoman, a military brat born to two career soldiers. After the tragic death of her mother and sister, Kate becomes a cadet at West Point, but resigns from service due to accusations targeting her sexuality. Taking up the mantle of Batwoman saves her from going in a downward spiral.

Kate doesn’t have any superpowers, but she is a very strong hand-to-hand combatant, knowing at least fourteen fighting styles. Highly skilled in both gymnastics and marksmanship, Batwoman complements these abilities with a bulletproof costume, taser gloves, and a weapons-grade tranquilizer. Unfortunately, none of these things would even come close to defeating Albedo. Kate would be definitely outmatched.

9 Would Lose To: Wonder Woman Is Practically A Goddess

One of the oldest characters in comics, Diana of Themyscira is created out of clay by her Amazon mother Hippolyta and given life by the Greek Gods. Her origin story has since been changed, and she is now the daughter of Zeus. Wonder Woman grows up with the Amazons and perfects her skills in their strict society. Her superhuman strength and speed are honed into powerful weapons by her Amazon training.

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Wonder Woman is immortal and possesses the ability to fly. She also has a wide variety of additional divine powers and gifts. Her iconic Lasso of Truth and Bracelets of Victory are only two of the items she uses on a regular basis. Wonder Woman is arguably the best hand-to-hand combatant on the planet, superior even to Superman. Albedo may be powerful, but she’d fall short against Diana.

8 Would Defeat: Black Widow’s Enhancements Can’t Keep Up With Albedo’s Power

Black Widow with a sniper rifle

Natasha Romanov has gained a lot of notoriety due to her involvement with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but she has a long history in Marvel Comics. An assassin trained in the Red Room, Black Widow is enhanced with a form of the Super Soldier Serum, which gives her abilities similar to Captain America’s, albeit weaker.

Subjected to biotechnological enhancement, Black Widow ages very slowly. An expert spy, she is trained in many forms of martial arts and gun-wielding. None of these abilities would protect Natasha against Albedo, who could likely take her down with one well-placed fist.

7 Would Lose To: Scarlet Witch Can Manipulate Reality Itself

Scarlet Witch Darkhold Magic

The Scarlet Witch is born with the ability to affect probability fields. She later trains in sorcery with Agatha Harkness and learns to fully tap into her chaos magic, which transforms her into one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics. Wanda is now capable of altering reality and even creates an alternate timeline in an attempt to get her children back. Perhaps one of her most iconic moments is her wiping out all mutant powers with three simple words, “No more mutants.” It’s very likely that Wanda would be able to do the same to Albedo – defeat her with only a few words.

6 Would Defeat: Elektra’s Fighting Skills Wouldn’t Defeat A Succubus


An elite assassin and an expert in many forms of martial arts, Elektra favors bladed weapons like katanas, ninja stars, shurikens, and throwing blades in combat. She also possesses some minor psychic abilities and has on occasion been capable to manipulate minds, causing them to see illusions. Unfortunately, Elektra’s weapons wouldn’t even scratch Albedo’s armor. The succubus would make quick work of this assassin.

5 Would Lose To: Jean Grey’s Phoenix Force Would Burn Albedo’s Armor To Cinders

One of the most powerful telepaths in comic book history, Jean Grey can use her mental abilities in a wide variety of ways. An Omega-level mutant, she can create psychic illusions and shields, but also manipulate and penetrate the minds of others. Jean can shoot powerful psychic and telekinetic blasts, and fly using her telekinesis. When empowered by the Phoenix Force, her abilities increase to terrifying extents, giving her control over all matter on a subatomic scale.

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Jean can generate and absorb endless amounts of energy. After physically dying, she fully merges with the Phoenix, becoming the White Phoenix of the Crown, a being with unparalleled powers. Even without her Phoenix abilities, Jean would be able to destroy Albedo’s mind, but with the Phoenix Force involved, Albedo wouldn’t stand a chance. Her armor would burn to cinders.

4 Would Defeat: Invisible Woman’s Force Fields May Not Hold Albedo Back

Fantastic Four Invisible Woman

As one of the Fantastic Four, Sue Storm gains her superpowers after being bombarded by cosmic rays during a mission in space. Sue’s most basic ability allows her to make herself and others invisible.

Sue’s powers go beyond that. She is also capable of creating force fields. This skill gives her a form of telekinesis, allows her to fly, create weapons, and make things explode. Still, while a powerful fighter, Sue wouldn’t be able to hold Albedo off for too long. Her shields would crumble when faced with Albedo’s demonic might.

3 Would Lose To: Rogue Could Easily Steal Albedo’s Powers

A popular character in the X-Men comics, Rogue starts out her journey as a villain. Her powers allow her to steal the abilities and siphon the life force of others, and they cause her a great deal of grief when they first awaken. She is taken in by the villain Mystique and ends up confronting Ms. Marvel. When she attempts to steal Ms. Marvel’s abilities, something goes wrong. Rogue ends up permanently imprinting both Ms. Marvel’s powers in her body and her personality in her mind.

She seeks help from Professor Charles Xavier, and in the process, joins the X-Men. Rogue’s super strength and durability are the perfect counter for Albedo’s Hermes Trismegistus. Once the armor is out of the way, it would be very easy for Rogue to knock Albedo out using her own innate skill.

2 Would Defeat: Black Canary’s Cry Wouldn’t Be Enough To Fight Off Albedo

Black Canary Scream

A powerful metahuman, Dinah Lance is the daughter of the original Black Canary, Dinah Drake. Her trademark ability is her Canary Cry, a sonic scream so powerful it can shatter objects, disorient opponents, or even liquefy bones. Black Canary has also trained with Wildcat and she’s extremely skilled in martial arts.

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Black Canary works to reform the Justice League alongside the Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Aquaman. Her Canary Cry can be very dangerous, but it wouldn’t be enough to fight Albedo. Albedo may be briefly disoriented, but Dinah would lack the strength to take advantage of that. Albedo’s powerful armor would absorb any physical damage Black Canary would try to do, and a single blow from Albedo would likely bring Dinah down.

1 Would Lose To: Captain Marvel’s Energy Blasts Would Make Albedo’s Armor Crumble

Captain Marvel Magic

A Human/Kree hybrid, Major Carol Danvers is well known for her cosmic level abilities. Her superhuman strength once allowed her to sustain the weight of a dead Celestial, and her stamina, durability, and speed are just as powerful. Captain Marvel is capable of cosmic flight and her energy manipulation has turned her whole body into a weapon. Albedo’s armor may be powerful, but it wouldn’t survive Captain Marvel’s energy blasts.

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