2 New Pokémon Anime Shorts Search for Bliss and a Snorunt by Global Anime

AbraxasOctober 8, 2021


Pokéfans were treated to not only the scheduled release of the latest Pokémon Evolutions web anime short, but also a brand new English subbed PokéToon titled “Fubuki no Natsuyasumi (Summer Holiday Blizzard).” The two shorts premiered on their respective YouTube channels, giving fans a double dose of great Pokémon animation.



This Pokémon Evolutions short focuses on Team Flare leader Lysandre’s grand plan to rid the world of Pokémon, mirroring that of the climax of the Pokémon X/Y video game. Vinland Saga episode director Yousuke Yamamoto got their full directorial debut with this episode, with the director also drawing the storyboards at OLM inside Team Kato.



With the newest PokéToon, conceptual animator Masanobu Hiraoka, known best in the anime world for the One Piece Hungry Days commercial for Nissin. Hiraoka both directed the short and was its animation director, with Takuya Hosogane drawing the storyboards and perfecting the cinematography. Both work together at mimoid, where the short was produced overseen by Pokémon: Twilight Wings creator Shingo Yamashita.


The next Pokémon Evolutions short, “The Plan” featuring the Unova region and Ghetsis, is set to release online on October 21.


Sources: Pokémon on YouTube, Pokémon Kids on YouTube


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