10 Times A Selfish Anime Character Acted Selflessly

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Some anime characters are notorious for their self-centered ways, and their tendencies to commit selfish acts have left them with a bad reputation. Sometimes, this is a reputation of villainy. Other times, it is a reputation for being a capricious and whimsical character that comically cannot see past their worldview.

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However, this does not mean these characters only ever act selfishly. Sometimes, these characters try to break away from their normal tendencies and either change their ways or act out of character for a short time. There are some instances in which characters who are usually selfish act selflessly.

10 Orochimaru Truly Cares About Another In Boruto

Orochimaru smirks while wearing the leaf village headband

In Naruto, Orochimaru experimented on children, took over other people’s bodies, and destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village all in the name of the pursuit of knowledge and to gain immortality. He never cared about anyone but himself and his quest for power.

However, by the events of Boruto, Orochimaru changed a great deal. He made and became the parent to Mitsuki, and he supported Mitsuki. His handling of Mitsuki’s internal crisis showed just how much he has changed since the days of the original Naruto series.

9 Naoka Ueno Starts To Make Amends With Her Past Wrongdoings In A Silent Voice

Naoka Ueno sad

Naoka Ueno not only participated (and continued to participate) in bullying, and when she was called out on it, she deflected blame onto everyone else but herself. This caused many people to experience great amounts of grief throughout A Silent Voice. She does feel bad about her misdeeds, though she is a long way from fixing herself.

By the end of the film, she has made steps at apologizing to the others around her, and though neither the characters nor the readers wholeheartedly trust her, they can see she is trying and is starting on the path towards a more selfless personality.

8 Tamaki Stops Thinking About Himself Long Enough To Notice Haruhi’s Fear Of Thunder In Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki blushes

Tamaki Suoh is self-centered, and due to his wealth, popularity, and looks, his selfishness is reinforced. This is the cause for a lot of the series’ comic relief. His selfishness is treated as a charming, if inconvenient, character quirk, not a malicious act.

However, this does not mean that Tamaki can’t be selfless on occasion. When Haruhi’s bag was thrown into the fountain, Tamaki helped search for it, even when it meant looking foolish. He cared about people despite his usual obtuseness.

7 Bakugo Keeps All Might & Midoriya’s Secret In My Hero Academia

bakugo holds hand up in attack pose

Katsuki Bakugo could not stand it when he found out Izuku Midoriya, someone he constantly talked down to, had a Quirk. What made it worse was how powerful Midoriya became. He even started to surpass Bakugo, who considered himself a prodigy.

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However, when Bakugo found out about the secret behind Midoriya’s new Quirk and his relationship to the famous hero, All Might, he could have revealed everything. He could have gotten even more mad than usual due to the fact Deku was chosen as more “heroic.” Instead, he chose to keep their secret.

6 Sasuke Gives Naruto Some Of His Lunch In Naruto

Team 7 after bell test

Sasuke Uchiha had a one-track mind and only cared about getting revenge on his brother for massacring the Uchiha clan. He thought he was better than Naruto Uzumaki, and he looked down on him, considering him annoying and a dead weight.

However, he was able to show compassion to Naruto after their failure during the bell test, and he gave Naruto, who was tied up on a post, some of his lunch despite Kakashi telling him not to. It turns out, Sasuke’s momentary act of selflessness was the teamwork Kakashi was looking for.

5 The Judge Gives Away His Secret To Save The Town In Castlevania

Lindenfeld Judge

The Judge of Lindenfeld was a terrible murderer who killed kids for his enjoyment. He did not get enough out of running the town, so he kept his sick secret, a reminder of just how selfish he really was.

However, when it was time to stop the cultists and save LIndenfeld (and likely the world) the Judge was able to assist in the effort. He was fatally stabbed, but he manipulated Sala into falling into his death trap. Then he selflessly told Trevor and Sypha where his secret lied and where they could find Sala.

4 Lord Daigo Bargained With Hyakkimaru’s Life For His People’s Prosperity In Dororo

Kagemitsu Daigo grimmaces

Lord Daigo is portrayed as an evil, selfish man in the most recent adaptation of Dororo, and while this may be the truth of it, his cruelty in striking a deal with demons was meant to save his lands. His people enjoyed prosperity in a tumultuous time, and this deal may have saved countless lives.

As a result, Lord Daigo lost his first son and had to become the evil man that would do what he did. So, even if he is cruel and selfish, he did try to selflessly save his lands and their people.

3 Zuko Released Appa From Under Lake Laogai In Avatar: The Last Airbender

Iroh lectures Zuko and asks him to free Appa

Zuko was very short-sighted for much of the Avatar series. He only cared about capturing the Avatar and regaining his place in the Fire Nation royal family, and he did not think much about who he hurt in the process. However, with the help of his Uncle Iroh, he began to change.

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While he was still torn between the Fire Nation and what was right, he saved Appa, even though it meant the Avatar would be able to leave Ba Sing Se and Zuko would lose his opportunity to catch him.

2 In Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru Takes In Rin

Sesshoumaru expressionless

Due to his past, Sesshoumaru did not have any respect for humans or humankind. He hated them, seeing them as pathetic. However, there was one human that helped him see the error of his ways.

He was greatly injured in a fight with his brother, Inuyasha, and was found by a human girl named Rin. After being nursed to health, Sesshoumaru’s heart began to open, though he tried many times to get Rin to leave. When he resurrected her after she was attacked and killed, he took care of her and allowed her to travel with him.

1 Jukai Makes Up For His Part In The War By Making Prosthetics In Dororo

Jukai cries

Jukai was the torturer for a lord who was ruthless and merciless. However, one day he was forced to face his misdeeds when his master, Lord Shiba, ordered him to kill his wife. He threw himself into the sea to refuse his master’s demands, but he survived.

To make amends, he began making prosthetic limbs for those who were injured as a result of the many wars and conflicts happening, and he eventually meets the unfortunate Hyakkimaru who had lost many of his body parts to a demonic deal his father had made. Jukai selflessly takes care of Hyakkimaru and the other kids in need of prosthetics.

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