Intrusion Has Some Really Terrible Plot Holes

AbraxasOctober 7, 2021

In Netflix’s Intrusion, Henry and Meera’s dark secret and questionable actions lead to some horrific plot holes.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Intrusion, now streaming on Netflix.

In Netflix’s Intrusion, Henry (Logan Marshall-Greene) and his wife, Meera (Freida Pinto), find their world upended by a home invasion in their secluded mansion in Corrales. But as Meera starts digging deeper, she realizes it’s more than a cash grab or coincidence and unearths dangerous secrets about her marriage. However, as she untangles the web, horrific plot holes arise.

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The Contractors Didn’t Need to Break-In

intrusion netflix

It comes out that the invaders felt Henry kidnapped Christine, the daughter of one of the head contractors for the building. But Henry explains he fired them because they were extorting him for carrying out tax fraud, which is their reason for attacking. However, if they were looking for Christine, they should’ve gone to the authorities. The dad could’ve informed them he spotted Henry snooping around Christine while also outing him for fraud.

Henry Ties Christine to Noisy Pipes

Meera discovers Henry has a dark side in Intrusion

For most of the thriller, Meera hears pipes clanging but believes it’s the temperature shifts in the house. But when she discovers the safe room where Christine is being kept, she sees the victim tied to a chair and pipes. However, there are other sections of the house Henry could’ve used, as evidenced by when he catches and chains Meera. Instead, he leaves Christine fettered to the one thing that could attract attention, a decision made even stranger when he invites guests over who can hear the clanks.

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Meera Not Locking Henry In

When the ladies eventually flee the safe room, Henry rushes up the stairs to try to hold the door open. And while his hand fits through the opening, Meera slams the door on it, buying them time after he’s shunted back. However, Meera had an opportunity to just lock the door. Instead, she and Christine take off towards the kitchen, leaving Henry free to finish the job, despite the fact he’s clearly wounded and writhing in pain.

A Fight Filled With Fumbles

Meera discovers Henry has a dark side in Intrusion

The final issue is that Henry turns his back on the women in the kitchen as he moves from victim to victim constantly. As he turns around, anyone could have grabbed a knife and had a free shot at him. And to make his awareness appear even worse, after he knocks Meera out and goes to tie Christine back up in the room, he leaves Meera in a room with plenty of weapons to choose from. In that sense, he handicaps himself for no good reason, leaving the villain to feel more negligent than bested.

To see how these plot holes affect the movie, Intrusion is now streaming on Netflix.

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