Fairy Tail: 10 Best Moments In The Alvarez War Arc, Ranked

AbraxasOctober 7, 2021

The Fairy Tail guild faced their most fearsome foes yet in the anime when they went to war against Alvarez. The fights were brutal but the Fairy Tail wizards, as well as wizards from guilds all over Ishgar, gave their all to stave off the attacks.

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The stakes in this war were incredibly high and there was no room for compromise, so Ishgar’s forces and the forces from Alvarez went all out against each other. Ishgar’s most powerful enemies in this Arc were the Spriggan 12 and Zeref himself, and battles against them made for some of the best moments in the entire arc.

10 Erza & Bisca Defeated Ajeel With A Brilliantly Executed Combo

Erza attacking with her Nakagami Armor

It’s fights like these that make one realize just how smart Erza is. Even though she was thoroughly outmatched by Ajeel, she fought and even found a way to inflict some damage on Erza. The highlight of this fight was when Erza pushed Ajeel to take extreme measures and he covered the entire city of Magnolia in a sand storm.

This blocked Bisca, who was stationed on the ground, from being able to aim the Jupiter Cannon at Ajeel. With quick thinking, Erza changed to her morning star armor which shone brightly enough from Bisca to see, and she fired at Ajeel, giving Erza the chance to launch her final attack.

9 E.N.D’s Awakening Was Scary In A Good Way

E.N.D. was bound to show up sooner rather than later and when he did, he was every bit as powerful as viewers expected he’d be. He effortlessly defeated a powerful member of the Spriggan 12 and made his way to find Zeref. He was obstructed by Gray who wanted nothing but to see E.N.D. die by his hands.

The two of them clashed in a fire and ice battle that put their powers on full display. Fans can only wonder what would have happened had Erza not interrupted when she did.

8 Laxus Was The First To Single-handedly Beat A Member Of The Spriggan 12

Laxus punching through Wall Eehto

Laxus went after Wall Eehto with a vengeance as the latter was responsible for injuring the Thunder Legion. Even though he was one of the strongest in the Fairy Tail guild, it was still shocking to see Laxus holding his own against a member of the Spriggan 12.

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Even with his organs damaged by poisonous bane particle, Laxus persevered and even tricked Wall into using his bane particle canceler which healed Laxus on the spot. Laxus used a different type of lightning, red lightning, as his conventional lightning was ineffective against Wall. With this new power in hand, Laxus completely destroyed Wall Eehto.

7 Jellal Defeated Neinhart & Wiped Out An Armada In The Process

Jellal casting grand chariot

Neinhart attacked Erza by using historias of her previous foes. Erza was able to defeat them but was gravely injured after the fight. Jellal arrived with Kagura only to find Erza battered and bruised.

With fury in his eyes, Jellal declared that he’d commit one last sin—too bad for Neinhart. Jellal’s magic covered the entire port of Hargeon and he used his Grand Chariot spell to decimate Neinhart and his fleet of ships in a single strike.

6 Erza Shattered An Asteroid To Save Her Friends

Erza flying with a glowing fist

Just when one thinks they’ve seen Erza at her strongest, she tears fans a new one. While fighting Irene Belserion, Erza found herself in big trouble as Irene was exponentially more powerful than she was.

At the climax of their battle, Irene unleashed a spell that enchanted a meteorite and sent it plummeting to Earth. With an impressive display of strength and resolve, Erza shattered the meteor and saved her friends on the battlefield from being decimated.

5 Makarov Wiped Out 70-80 Percent Of A Million Enemy Soldiers When He Cast Fairy Law

Makarov casting Fairy Law

Fairy Law is a spell that wipes out all that the caster has deemed as their enemy. It’s one of the three grand Fairy Tail spells and one of the most legendary spells in existence. This spell was mostly used by Makarov and he only does so as a last resort, when the guild’s future looks bleak at best.

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Despite the guild’s and the first master’s opposition considering the drawbacks of the spell, Makarov cast Fairy Law and eliminated more than a sizeable chunk of the enemy army.

4 Gildart’s Return Was Highly Anticipated & Just In Time

Fairy Tail Gildarts Clive

Beginning their final attack at dawn, the Fairy Tail wizards fought the soldiers from Alvarez whose numbers seemed to be overwhelming. To make things worse, the historia of the former #1 of The Ten Wizard Saints: God Serena, descended on them.

His power was way more than they could handle, but they were saved at the last minute from Gildarts Clive who just arrived on the battlefield. He easily defeated the historia of God Serena and cleared a path for his guildmates to advance.

3 Gildarts Figured Out How August’s Power Worked & Landed A Solid Hit On The Wizard King

Gildarts punching August

For most of the battle, August seemed invincible and when he was about to wipe out Magnolia, he was stopped by Fairy Tail’s Ace, Gildarts Clive. For the most part, the battle seemed one-sided even with Cana helping out and casting her ultimate spell: Fairy Glitter.

During the fight, Gildarts realized that August was copying and blocking caster magic but was unable to do so against holder-type magic. August was shocked that Gildarts succeeded where many others failed by figuring out how his magic worked so quickly. Gildarts proceeded to cast a devastating spell that finally inflicted some damage on the seemingly invincible Wizard King.

2 Natsu’s Fight With Zeref Was One Of The Best In The Entire Arc

Natsu fought Zeref on two occasions in this arc. The first one was great especially as it featured a very powerful attack from Natsu with the remaining fragments of Igneel’s power. Their second encounter led to an even more fierce battle. Natsu arrived at the guild hall just in time to stop Gray from sacrificing his life to seal Zeref away.

After melting the ice that had began to cover the guild hall, courtesy of Gray’s magic, Natsu proceeded to challenge Zeref to their final showdown.

1 Zeref’s Defeat Breathed A Sigh Of Relief On The War-Torn City Of Magnolia

Zeref lying on the floor

Zeref had been battling Natsu in order to obtain the Fairy Heart in the Fairy Tail guild hall. After a harrowing back and forth battle, it seemed Natsu had lost, but Lucy, who was tinkering with the book of E.N.D., managed to rewrite the parts of the book that vanished when Natsu was gravely injured.

With his renewed vigor, Natsu was able to unleash one final attack on him that put him down for the count. Mavis, who was afflicted by the same immortality curse as Zeref, went to his side and the curse was broken and claimed both their lives as loving each other was the only way for them to die. The joy of this victory was short-lived as Acnologia soon descended on the city.

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