Ex-WWE Star Braun Strowman Wants to End the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

AbraxasOctober 7, 2021

In his first post-WWE interview, Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) discusses his struggles with mental health and the steps he’s taking to get people help.

In his first interview since being released by WWE earlier this year, “The Titan” Adam Scherr — formerly known as Braun Strowman — talked openly about his struggles with mental health, as well as the steps he is taking to end the stigma and get people the help they need.

On Oct. 2, Scherr took center stage at Free The Narrative II: The Monster In Us All, his first major appearance since departing WWE back in June. The show not only featured a match between Scherr and EC3, with Scherr reigning victorious, but also served as a platform for the former Braun Strowman to share the personal problems he has battled over the last several months. Following the show, Scherr sat down for an interview on the Control Your Narrative YouTube channel, which was published today, Oct. 6.

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During the interview, Scherr — who has spoken about his mental health struggles in the past — spoke rather highly of his time with WWE, citing the places he’s gotten to travel, the things he’s gotten to do and, most importantly, the people he’s gotten to meet, work with and help, with the former Universal Champion discussing working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation at length. All that being said, the hectic life that comes with being a WWE superstar — as will as the rampant negativity present in the online wrestling community — did take a mental toll on Scherr, who was ultimately released from his contract on June 2 alongside a number of other performers.

“Did it end how I wanted it to? Of course not,” Scherr said. “And I’ve been hearing it a ton: ‘Well, you said you’d never wrestle again when you were done with WWE.’ Well, I was forced to be done. I said I would never wrestle for another company when I took my boots off for WWE. I never took my boots off. I never had the opportunity to put them back on to come back to work. And, I ain’t gonna lie, it sent me into a pretty bad place. You guys [the Free The Narrative crew] saw how I was.”

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Scherr continued, “I felt like God put me on this Earth to be a WWE superstar. And for a while, he did. But in the realization of hitting what my rock bottom was, I realized that I was put on this Earth to do more than that. I was put on this Earth to inspire people. And what you guys have allotted me to do in the Free The Narrative II is to not only fix myself and what was going on with me and my depression and my anger and my rage for things in my life that I couldn’t control — you gave me a platform and a place to be able to control me, to tear myself down to be vulnerable.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Scherr explained that he has parented with entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria for a new app called Discuss. “It’s a mental health app that — it gives you licensed professionals in the palm of your hand for when you’re having a bad day or you’re on that edge and you don’t have anybody to talk to,” he said. “You can get on here, you can FaceTime with people, you can call, you can text message and have someone to talk to.

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“There’s such a stigma, I think, around mental health, that people don’t want to talk about it — especially people that look like me and have the life that I’ve lived and done the things that I do,” he continued. “I think it means even more being able to open up and talk about stuff like this… I’m not doing it for me. I don’t do this stuff for me… I do this to try and help other people.”

A former professional Strongman, Scherr began his professional wrestling career in 2013 when he signed a developmental deal with WWE and began training at the company’s Performance Center. He made his in-ring debut at an NXT house show in 2014. In 2015, Scherr — as Braun Strowman — was called up to WWE’s main roster, where he remained until his release earlier this year. He is a one-time Universal Champion, a one-time Intercontinental Champion and a two-time Raw Tag Team Championship. In this new interview, Scherr explained that he has fielded offers from other promotions since parting ways with WWE, though put them on the backburner to partake in Free The Narrative.

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