Dungeons & Dragons Players Can Now Wield Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade as a Weapon

AbraxasOctober 7, 2021

This homebrew take on the weapon, created by Lex Kim Bobrow, lets D&D players deal damage similar to a greatclub, open locks and create portals.

Dungeons & Dragons players who also love Kingdom Hearts or Super Smash Bros. now have reason to celebrate, as a dedicated fan recently created stats for the series’ iconic Keyblade.

Shared by indie tabletop game creator and writer Lex Kim Bobrow. this homebrew take on the classic Kingdom Hearts weapon has stats similar to a +1 greatclub, with a few unique twists evocative of Kingdom Hearts lore.

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The Keyblade deals +1 to attack and damage rolls and also acts as a versatile weapon that can be swung in one hand for 1d8 bludgeoning damage, or two hands for 1d10 damage. Its similarities to the greatclub end there, and its other abilities include Kingdom Key — which lets the weapon open any non-magical lock — and Traverse Around, which allows anyone wielding a Keyblade to use an action to open a portal in an unoccupied space within 15 feet. The portal leads to any plane of existence that the player has studied for at least one hour, and up to six creatures (including the player) can enter. Once used, this ability takes 1d6 days to recharge.

Kingdom Key and Traverse Around are especially appropriate odes to the Keyblade’s abilities in the Kingdom Hearts series. There, the weapons were used to open treasure chests and doors, but also served the higher function of opening and sealing the barriers between the franchise’s various worlds, Disney-themed or otherwise. Only the Keyblades could be utilized to lock the Keyholes used to enter these realms, effectively preventing the antagonists of the series — known as the Heartless — from descending upon each world.

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Within a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Bobrow’s version of the Keyblade can serve as an immensely powerful tool, offering effects similar to the “Plane Shift” or “Teleport” spells without negative consequences. Instead of traveling between Disney worlds, the weapon could enable parties to move across the roleplaying game’s various settings, from the Forgotten Realms to the world of Eberron.

Keyblades originally debuted in the first Kingdom Hearts game, released in 2002. Sora’s Kingdom Key, the most recognizable weapon of the series, appeared in the character’s Super Smash BrosUltimate debut trailer. Sora is the last DLC character to be released for the beloved fighting game. His inclusion in the series marks a momentous occasion for fans who have been asking for Sora ever since guest characters from non-Nintendo franchises began appearing in Super Smash Bros. 

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