DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Producer Teases Details For 100th Episode

AbraxasOctober 7, 2021

The upcoming seventh season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will see series star Caity Lotz, now the only remaining cast member who was around for the show’s pilot, directing an episode the looks back on the legacy of the series, and features an appearance by Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), who exited the series in the season one finale back in 2016. The series has changed quite a bit since Miller took his leave, and while he has been back a few times for crossovers, executive producer Phil Klemmer told ComicBook today that the hundredth episode is a rare opportunity to let him enjoy the wild and zany spirit of the current iteration of Legends

The episode will apparently go behind the scenes, seeing events through Gideon’s eyes and thus giving the audience a chance to see elements of earlier seasons in a different way. Klemmer was mum on any other potential returns, although he did name drop a few specific former Legends along the way, so feel free to speculate about who might come back in the comments below.

“Imagine Sara’s perspective, to be the last remaining,” Klemmer mused. “You obviously understand she’s always protective, just being the captain, but having literally every other Legend come and go makes her want to hold on to this current incarnation more dearly than ever. That brings us to the hundredth episode, which is also like a revisitation of all the Legends who have come before. I think it’s interesting to use the hundredth episode, that [Caity Lotz] directed, as a mirror to hold up to our current lineup, and to just see them against the original lineup. Yeah. Getting to have like Wentworth back on the show, or for somebody like Spooner to be like, get to see these secret scenes from season one that even the audience didn’t get to see…it’s like, ‘Oh my God, like there was a, there was a whole crazy show that took place, long before I ever stepped foot onto this ship.’ Like there were, there were hawk people. Sara was a bloodthirsty assassin. And there was a British guy named ‘Rip’ who was in charge. Every Legend who comes on the show assumes like, “The adventure starts with me!” But of course it started a hundred episodes ago.”

In early interviews, Klemmer and former co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim used to muse about different Legends coming and going from the show based on the needs of a given mission (or season). All these years and dozens of episodes later, that has come true, but Klemmer has a hard time even connecting with his younger self, who hadn’t yet gone through the heartwrenching process of losing beloved actors and characters from the show.

“It makes me realize that I think I was kind of lying to you at the time, because I don’t know why I thought that that would be true, that we would be this anthology and this kind of revolving door,” Klemmer told ComicBook. “We knew that like Hawkman was destined to leave us, btu that’s it. [Losing characters] is the most bittersweet thing. Our Legends departures have been like some of the best episodes, but the only thing that takes the sting out of the loss, is knowing that there are ways to re-engage these wonderfully talented performers. We were able to give Maisie Richardson-Sellers a chance to play a punk rocker after having played the kind of staid Amaya. Or that we were able to give Tala Ashe a chance to reinvent herself with Zari 2.0. And now that we’re getting to bring Matt Ryan back as Gwyn Davies. I love the fact that we got to bring Wentworth Miller back for the hundredth episode, and to allow him to enjoy the spirit of the show, and the different tone of the show. I guess that makes up for the sense of loss — knowing that it’s not like you’re churning through these characters. They leave an indelible mark, and they can also resurface in interesting ways.”

The seventh season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow launches on Wednesday, October 13th, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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