Firefighter Anime Inspires Teen to Save Burning Building by Global Anime

AbraxasOctober 6, 2021

An 18-year-old Japanese boy was honored by the Kagoshima City Central Fire Department on September 29 after he reported and helped limit the spread of a housefire. The teen, Ōga Kawazu, credited his calm composure and quick thinking to anime. Kawazu received an award of recognition and stated at the presentation ceremony that he had “watched an anime series featuring firefighters” and was able to “calmly deal with the situation.”

Kawazu was on the way to a convenience store in Uehonmachi on August 29 when he noticed a fire had broken out in the entrance to a two-story wooden home. Kawazu called 119 (the emergency number in Japan) and then both rang the doorbell and pounded on the door. It was nearly midnight when the elderly homeowner, a woman in her 70s who lived alone, answered the door. She had been about to turn in for the night when Kawazu came by. She was then able to put to fire out on her own.

While Kawazu didn’t specifically state which anime he watched, Atsushi Ohkubo‘s popular Fire Force series seems a likely candidate.

Source: Yahoo! News (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)

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